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10 habits that make your body age faster

Who likes growing old? I don’t think there are many who would put their hand up. Over the weekend I met up with my friends I have not seen for a while and I noticed how much they changed – quite a few wrinkles more. Sounds awful but we noticed don’t we? Well, we all do age but did you know there are some habits that actually contribute to you age faster on a cellular level?

Check this 10 habits:


Arguably the worst habit for your health, smoking is terrible in terms of rapid aging.

It can contribute to wrinkles and shortens telomere length, which is a biological marker of aging according to WebMD.

Save yourself the damage inside and out, avoid smoking tobacco products.


2.Poor diet

A diet high in sugar intake can accelerate aging more than you probably realize.

Sugar can cause unhealthy weight gain even at a young age, however as humans get older our bodies have a harder and harder time breaking it down.

This can lead to even more fat gain and damage skin complexion.


3. Living alone

Many people don’t have a choice and are forced to live on their own, however this may be linked to aging quickly.

In 2011 a study saw a connection between people who were lonely and a decline in motor skills, which increased their risk of death by up to 50 percent.

Adopting a pet of some kind can really help the feelings of loneliness and may even prolong life.


4.Sleeping less than 5 hours

If you’re sleeping less than 5 hours, you could be aging faster than you should.

In addition to dark bags under your eyes, Dr. Casciari at St. Joseph’s Hospital says a lack of sleep is linked to a shorter lifespan.

Unintended weight gain is another side effect.

5.Spending most of the day sitting

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the most dangerous ways to live.

Don’t believe me? Sitting around all day increases your risk for obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and kidney disease.

People who exercise tend to live longer, healthier lives.


6.Too much on your plate

Having too much on your plate (and this is not about food) can easily cause rapid aging.

Stress is a killer, literally. When you are trying to do too many things at once all you are doing is causing yourself more stress.

Unfortunately we live in a society where the ability to “multi-task” is held in high regard.

We even include it on our resumes for jobs.

The truth is multi-tasking is not good for anyone.

Slow down. Do one thing at a time. Reduce your stress and live longer.


7. Turn the TV off!

The TV is a great form of entertainment but more house than one has the TV constantly going.

It runs in the background all day and night.

You may not even be aware but that TV is distracting you, it is upsetting you and it is luring you to sit down a lot more than you should.

It can be very easy to become a drone and just sit in front of the TV whenever you can.

Plan your entertainment time. Shut the TV off.


8.Hydrate More

Most people are mildly dehydrated and they never even realize it.

Adding more water to your day can help to improve energy levels and ward off headaches. Give up sugary drinks.

The sugar is bad for you, the chemicals used to give those drinks their color are bad for you and it is a habit that is causing rapid aging.

Drink more water and less of everything else.


9.Your skin care

Put on sunscreen, every single day, no matter where you are going.

Protect your skin from harmful UV rays that are a constant even when the day is overcast.

Never leave home without putting on sunscreen.

Moisturize every day with a good quality moisturizer.


10.Have more fun!

One of the biggest and best habits you can pick up to ward off aging is to have more fun.

Do the things that you love. Smile more.

Live in the moment!


Via: http://preventionpulse.com/beauty/10-habits-that-cause-rapid-aging/


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