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9 Tips For Heathy Gut this Christmas

Christmas time! Yey! For some a happy time, for others stress e.g. meeting the family, the in-laws and other members of the family you normally don’t see only during the festive season. Or do you feel stressed because Christmas is time for excessive eating and drinking? The hustle and bustle and stress of the holiday season can start with 1st Advent weekend or Thanksgiving and may be really hard on the gut especially if you are trying to be good during the year.

Let me share with you some tips for maintaining a stable gut this Christmas:

1. Drink lots of water

You might overdo the alcoholic beverages, but if you drink lots of water, it will help compensate for the dehydrating aspects of alcohol and sugar. (Yep, most alcoholic beverages contain sugar or convert to sugar!)

2. Chew

No matter how much you eat, if you remember to chew and take your time, it will help prevent indigestion. The reason being mindful chewing will slow down the eating process. Swallowing too much too quickly can cause gas and bloating.

3. Going to potlucks?

There will be lots of tempting foods that are full of empty calories, so bring something delicious but make it a healthy treat! Think exotic fruit salads and greens with seeds and nuts!

4. Sleep

It is more than just necessary task. Good sleep helps the digestive system function optimally. The body rebalances, detoxes and regenerates during sleep, so get plenty of it.

5. Practice Active Wellness by exercising

If you have a daily routine, try to stick to it. In addition, after each big meal, try to take a walk. Fresh air and movement will do a lot of good to your bowels.

6. Healthy travelling

When you’re traveling, pack healthy snacks and avoid the fast-food kiosks. For example, pack a shaker bottle with pre-measured Kenzen Vital Balance® with a sachet of Jade Greenzymes in it, and add water when you pass a shop at any airport for a nutritious meal replacement or snack.

7. Supplement

If you haven’t already included Kenzen® Digestion Complex 4-20 into your daily regime, there’s no better time to do so than now. With all four major digestive enzymes in the formula, and this one Kenzen Lactoferrin™ 2.0 supports both the G.I. tract and mental health with four exceptional organic ingredients your stomach will be really grateful for extra support

 8. Maintain mental wellbeing

The festive season can be mentally challenging as mentioned in the intro. Look after your mental health as well as your physical state. Try to set aside a few minutes daily to be alone and inhale and exhale deeply. Oxygen feeds your brain and your gut, believe it or not.

9. Be grateful daily

Give thanks. Whether you say it or write it to your family and friends or you simply meditate on it. Remember all the things in your life right now that you’re grateful for even if you are in the most difficult times. The law of attraction will give you more of what you think about the most.

I wish you abundance and happiness and Thank You for taking the Active Wellness journey with me!

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