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10 Tips to Prevent Back Problem

Have you ever suffered from back pain – be it lower back or neck and shoulders?

Back problem is a very common complaint.

It is often a reason for absence from work.

Although back problem may be painful and uncomfortable, it is not usually serious.

An article in the Times last week tried to frightened us as the title “Is Back Pain Linked to Your Risk of Death?”

You can read the whole article: http://www.livescience.com/58019-back-pain-risk-of-death.html

The conclusion was  there is no link between back pain and death.


However, having back pain affects many aspects of our life, doesn’t it?

Whether it is work or personal life.

It is very common nowadays – in fact, between 60-90% of people across the U.S., U.K.

or Europe people have at least once in their life experienced a back pain.


If you run a company with employee you most likely went to the Health and Wellbeing at Work Expo in the NEC Birmingham on 7th and 8th March 2017

This problem is costly whether you are an employer or employee! Not only loss of productivity at work and the health care cost rises to billions in Sterlings and Dollars.

But there is even higher cost than that! Some people no longer can do what they love doing – be it fishing, playing golf or having

a good time with children and / or grandchildren.

What’s more, a back problem can prevent some people to even get dressed!

How bad is that!



In spite of many articles written and a lot of information shared on the subject of back problem, there are still people who take their healthy back for granted!


A quick question for you:

Can you give me an example when you don’t need healthy back on a daily basis?

There isn’t one! We need it all the time!

When you sleep, sit or walk, what you eat, even when you deal with emotional stresses…


Let me share with you these 10 tips what you can do to prevent getting a back problem:


  1. Your bed matters!


How your back feels more often than not starts the night before.

Have you thought that your bed is not comfortable and you are getting up stiff?

Yes, you are right! The firmness of your mattress plays a huge part in how your body rests over night.

Likewise, if your neck is in an awful position for eight hours while you sleep, you could harm your back without knowing it!

So the shape of your pillow is vital.

If you’d like some advice or would like to know what I’m using, email me or call me.


2. Your morning routines


Have you ever stopped to think that your morning routine could have possibly caused an issue with your back?

Let’s have a look at the bad habits!

How do you bend forward to brush your teeth and wash your face?

What about putting shoes on?

Shoes! Flats, high heals, flip-flops?

Did you know that flat shoes could cause lower back problem?

Natural materials such as leader feel the most comfortable but if you cannot find the type of shoe you like,

the right type of insoles can make a whole lot of difference.

If you’ d like to know what I’ve been wearing in my, get in touch. I’m happy to share.

Ladies, wearing high heels is not supportive of our healthy back at all! I get that some occasions require representative shoes.

So here is a little tip:

wear a comfy shoes whilst commuting and then switch to the nicer pair when required.

The number of women I’ve seen in London who wear trainers on the underground, is considerable.


  1. Your car journey


There are way too many of us who drive to work and spend hours stuck in the traffic jams.

No wonder that so many have developed back problems, right!

A quick question: When was the last time you adjusted your seat? It plays a vital role!

Bring it little closer so your arms are not stretched and you comfortably reach the pedals.

If you have an adjustable lumbar support, move it so there is an inward curve in your lower back.

If your car doesn’t have one, just roll your towel and put it where your lower back is.

If you can tilt your seat, put it straight first and then only slightly backward so that you don’t slump.

And you are ready for your next journey!

If you want to know what I use and what has helped a number of people, click here.


  1. Your posture behind your computer


This is a big one! We spend 8 hours or more at work so how we sit at the work is vital to our healthy back posture.

So here is a check list:

What is the type of a chair you sit on, a keyboard, the angle of the monitor, how often you take a mini break to walk to the toilet

and back rather than just sitting in one position for too long? … all of these can lead to back issues.

Well, often it is an accumulation of more than one.

There are all kinds of chairs on the market from ergonomic ones to kneeler style and everything in between. Test it! It has to fit you.

If you want to know what I use and what has helped a number of people, click here.


  1. Move your body


It’s catch 22. Our sedentary lifestyles are in some cases causing a back issue.

If you already have a bad back you’ve most likely quit working out.

But don’t fall into that trap. The less you move the worse it gets.

Practice strengthens and stretches back muscles and greases up joints.

The proper back practice routine performed frequently and effectively is the best blessing you can give your back.

Here are a few tips:

Be sensible and exercise daily

Pick a variety of movements that will focus on different parts of the back and the rest of the body.

In case you have not practiced for some time, see your doctor for a general checkup before beginning your program or consult with your physician.

If you are under a supervision of a specialist, ensure they support your practice regimen.

Warning: Sometimes you may feel worse after exercise before you get better.

Again, make sure you consult with your doctor, physician or therapist so they can adjust your program according to your needs!

There are many different types of exercise.

I love yoga stretches, my favourite is Iyengar yoga, also walking, cycling and running.

If you are new to this, try a few different ones to see which ones you enjoy the most. Because if you enjoy it you are more likely to stick with it!


6. Lifting objects


A great many people who injure their backs do so because they lift something incorrectly.

Lifting and carrying puts more weight on your back than any other activity.

A little tip: you squat, lift the object and stand up. Learn that and you will protect your back from injuries.

Calling Mums!

If you are lifting your baby from the cot or handling your toddler, be always aware of your back, your posture when bending forward.

Use your muscles on your arms rather than pulling the baby forward.

Your health matters! If you are not able to move who is going to look after the little one?

A quick note about handbags or briefcases:

There was ones a test done how much stuff women carry in their handbags! On average 5 KG! (A family size sack of potatoes.)

If you wear your handbag on your shoulder day-in-day-out, you will develop back issues.

The same applies to carrying a shoulder bag with your laptop, an ipad, hopefully a bottle of water… it gets heavy.

It may feel like a repetition but I hope you understands the importance of these daily tasks can hurt your back.


7. Moving Objects

You can harm your back just as badly moving something as when you lift something.

A golden rule: push, don’t pull!

Try not to put your back into a position to get strained.

When you get into a chance to move something, stand tall, lean into the object, use your legs and arms, keep your head up, and push.


8. Your Diet

Your diet can help ensure you have a healthy back.

It’s obvious, if you don’t carry much weight at the front (your belly), you are eliminating a great deal of strain off of your back muscles.

There are other advantages connected with maintaining a healthy weight.

Did you know that if you lack nutrition you are more likely to be tired and fatigued and you are actually more likely to pull a muscle?

In our modern hectic, fast-paced society, eating right can be a challenge.

Fast food may fulfill your appetite and may even give you a high spike in energy, however your muscles and your body require

Did you know drinking the correct amount of water – minimum 2 liters a day can save your back?

If you are properly hydrated, your disks are hydrated and therefore they are more flexible.

And – going back to my first point- how you sleep at night and what you sleep on will dictate the quality of rest you get.

Not every water is the same quality.

If you’d like to know what I absolutely love drinking and have recommended to doses of people, contact me!


9. Eat Super Foods, Power Foods


Fast food may fulfil your appetite and may even give you an instant energy,

however your muscles and your body require power foods. Such foods release energy slowly.

They can provide your muscles with the real type of fuel.

They are high in starches (carbohydrates) and low in simple sugars and fat and contain an adequate amount of protein.

Sometimes you are on a tight schedule or just super busy – I get that.

If you are interested how you can ensure to still ensure to fuel your body in these busy time, contact me.

I’m happy to share my secret 😉


10. Emotional Stress connected to Back Pain


Tight muscles and emotional stress are very closely linked. Stress often sits in the neck, shoulder and the upper back area.

Many people hold emotional stress there. If it’s mild stress you can get a mild headache.

When we are highly stressed constantly it is time to pay attention to our back and overall wellbeing.

Being under stress – and some of us are daily exposed to it, could cause some serious issues.

Tips for you: Learn how to calm down your mind. A great help is to learn how to meditate.

Visualize your tension going away.

There are many great YouTube videos by Deepak Chopra or Mingyur Rinpoche or many others.

If you’d like to know what I do to keep my body healthy, contact me! I’m happy to share my secrets with you.


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