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17 Impacts Sleep Deprivation Has On Your Body

A few days ago I went networking and you know how people go round and tell what they do. What really caught my attention was that three ladies in the row shared a health related story. the first one overheard news on the radio about 44 year old footballer who suffered a cardiac arrest and died. The other two women shared a story of their husbands who were also in their mid to late forties and have experienced a heart attack. We all agreed that this is happening more and more often and suddenly there was a realisation that it’s not enough going to the gym and eat a 5-portions of vegetables a day. (By the way, 5-a day it’s not enough!)  Nobody thought of sleep playing a vital role in good health! Hence this post!

How sleep deprivation can negatively impact your health.

Because sleep is mostly overlook as an important part of life, I created this check list for you to first of all learn about the physical impacts lack of sleep has and how you can take charge of your health by avoiding some or all of the facts below.

You’ll be surprised how little tweaks in your lifestyle can boost your vitality and wellbeing.

I honestly hope this checklist will help you.

So here it is:

  1. Sleep deprivation and your heart

Heart disease is the leading killer in the US and in the UK. New research found that sleep plays some role in it.

Has your doctor ever asked you how you slept last night, how you’ve been sleeping in the past week, month or a year?

Sadly, hardly ever!

  1. Sleep deprivation and your temper

Another study has revealed a link between individuals who had a disturbed night and being hostile. So don’t make a storm in a tea cup, instead sleep on it J

  1. Sleep deprivations and tiredness/exhaustion

Check this out: There is over 100 000 car accidents reported in the United States and Canada that take place because of sleep tiredness. This can be avoided by focusing on sleep hygiene. A downloadable PDF available.

  1. Sleep deprivation and weight gain

Researches have studied the relationship between sleep or luck of it and weight gain / obesity. And they found these two are closely related. So if you’ve been trying to shed off a few pounds you might like to start a sleep diary and note your sleep regime.

  1. Sleep deprivation and anxiety

Current study has shown that not sleeping enough or not having quality of sleep can result in feeling anxious, fearful and worried.

  1. Sleep deprivation and stress

In today’s modern day of living stress became part of our every day life. And if you are under pressure at work, experiencing job insecurity etc, that all has a massive negative impact on your body and your brain too.

  1. Sleep deprivation and depression

There has been a lot of articles on depression recently and it’s a growing issue. Read carefully, not getting enough quality sleep can trigger depression in some individuals. Sadly, nearly everyone suffering from depression has insomnia or sleep issues.

  1. Sleep deprivation and blood sugar levels

Scientists have uncovered a link between sleep deprivation and diabetes, particularly type II.

  1. Sleep deprivation and high blood pressure

People who sleep less than 5 hours a night have far greater risk for having high blood pressure, a research has revealed.

  1. Sleep deprivation and weaker immune system

Lack of sleep suppresses the immune system function.

So a tired body is more receptive to catch infections, flu and common cold.

  1. Sleep deprivation and feeling frustrated with life

This could be why alcohol and drugs are indicators of sleep deprivation.

  1. Sleep deprivation  and irritation, impatience and mood swings

If you know someone who is generaly very nice and kind and one day you see him or her impatient, moody or irritated by your question or remark, the chances are they didn’t sleep well the night before…

  1. Sleep deprivation and memory

Lack of quality sleep can dramatically decrease cognitive functions, reduce mental sharpness and focus especially when driving.

  1. Sleep deprivation and blurred vision

If you spend a lot of time on electronic devices such as ipad, phone or computer your eyes will get tired but if you add a bad night sleep the night before your eyesight worsens. Some people even avoid night driving for the combination of reasons listed above.

  1. Sleep deprivation and increased pain

What ever you might be suffering from – bad knee, bad back… the pain could be more pronounced and you’ll notice it more.

  1. Sleep deprivation can lead to a shortened life span

It can affect people who work shifts ( every week a different shift in different time of the day and these who work at night. Their natural body clock is forced to work against its natural flow.

  1. Sleep deprivation and inflammation

Poor sleep increases the levels of inflammation.

For example lack of quality sleep could trigger or worsen your arthritis or other conditions including some types of cancer.


  • Sleep deprivation and your skin

Good, restful sleep is the very best therapy to keep your skin looking great. So if you lack good night sleep (consistently) your skin will suffer and consequently the way you look. Without sufficient sleep the skin cells don’t renew their collagen that got damaged during the day.

How to get rid of wrinkles naturally and reverse the aging process I’ll share with you in the future blog post.

Here it was, a short summary of the physical impacts on your body when you don’t sleep enough or don’t enjoy quality sleep.

The key here is to find the balance that works for you. So between 7-9 hrs of sleep a night is the suggested amount. The magic happens when you are consistent and go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time. Read more about why that is important in my other blog post

Is there a  solution?

If you want to know simple, easy to use, natural solution to help you or family member sleep well, register for my free web-class, Wakey, wakey, time to sleep. Email me to get free access.


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