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3 Movies That Will Motivate You Today

Do you also like watching motivational movies on the airplane?

Me too! Especially the biographical ones according to a true story.

They inspire me and recharge my bank of positivity and creativity.

So on the way to India I watched three movies that all of them have something in common.


The first movie which I found highly motivational and would recommend you to watch it for sure.

MS Dhoni, The Untold Story

It highlights an inspiring journey of one of India’s most successful sportsman M.S. Dhoni.

The film portrays the cricketer’s life from childhood to his stardom in the realm of cricket including a series of life

events that shaped his life.

What really caught my attention, and I was at the edge of the seat whilst watching it, was the portrayal of Dhoni’s human attributes.

His cheer determination, focus, discipline, talent, fortitude and leadership.

All of these skills he displayed are crucial in business, don’t you agree? And in life.



to take it to the top, no matter what is happening to us or around us, we hold our vision and move forward regardless.


Focus and concentration: we need to focus on daily activities, even if we need to juggle a job, family and running our part-time business.

Treating our vision of where we want to be seriously and even though we have just 30-60 min each day,

pure focus on the activities that will move us forward, will reward you over a period of time (three, six, nine months…).



even when unfortunate events take place in your life – loosing a loved one, loosing a job, not feeling well, etc.,

we have responsibilities, bills to pay, etc. and our lives cannot stop. Being disciplined to do the activities that move our

business forward whether is blogging, connecting with new people in person or on social media, following up, making

a video post daily…



we all have one, so first of all, what is yours? What are you great at? Are you great with people?

Good with social media, writing, networking? What is it?

Secondly, having a talent for something is not enough.

Such talent has to be married with daily practice in order to excel.

Even in Dhoni’s case, he was great in the first few matches and that’s how his talent got spotted but then he lost in a few matches.

Such misfortune didn’t stop him.

He diligently worked on himself and kept training.



make a decision and move toward what you really want in your life.

Staying your ground even when the loved ones don’t support you at first.

All they do is to protect you against disappointment.

But you have you be aware whose life you are living – theirs or yours?

Dhoni had a huge respect for his father who didn’t approve his decision to become a professional cricketer.

However, Dhoni’s desire to succeed was so strong he proved his father wrong.

What’s more, whatever life throws at you, you still need to keep eye on the ball.


Build a Team Around You:

even though it appeals it’s only you, often it’s a team of people around you who help you to succeed.

Like in sport so in business.

Working within a team of people requires some skills from motivating people, spotting their strength and weaknesses.

Working with team mates to help them be the best they can.



Dhoni as a captain of his team had to make some decisions, which were not pleasant, but he had the vision it would be beneficial in the long run.

Same in business when we become leaders we face situations and circumstances which may not benefit us immediately.

It may seem we go backwards and delay progress.

But deep down we know it works for the best in years to come.

It’s called delayed reward and gratification.


Stay yourself, stay humble

even though he went from strength to strength as he was accepted to play in well recognized team, such achievement didn’t get in his head.

He stayed humble.


Second movie was called:


Even if you are not a tennis fan you surely have heard of the Williams sisters Serena and Venus.

This movie is a raw and authentic glimpse into Serena’s world – the athlete, designer and business woman.

The film is exploring the uncompromising pressure that comes with being the world number one:

how age and body can work against her, how jealousy, resentment

and intimidation can affect her and how focusing on different things such as painting and fashion helps her to relax her mind.

In one of my recent blog posts I talk about how active rest can increase productivity. Check it here.



For these of you who don’t know, Serena Williams, is one of the top female tennis players in the world.

She earned her first grand slam singles title at the U.S. Open back in 1999,

and made a string of four straight grand slam singles title wins – the 2002 French,

Wimbledon, and U.S. Open titles, and the 2003 Australian Open title, all achieved by defeating her older sister, Venus.

A knee injury in 2003 forced her to sit out 8 months of tennis competition.

She reached the Wimbledon final in 2004.

Williams’ accomplishments and success in professional tennis have led some commentators, players, and sports writers to regard her as the greatest female tennis player of all time.

Via: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1102987/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm


This is what Serena said about the movie:

“2015 was a defining time in my life and career.

I think my story will be relatable to audiences whether you love tennis or not.

It’s a story of perseverance, failure and triumph. It’s the most intimate I’ve ever allowed myself to be on film.

It was a scary but ultimately really gratifying experience, which I’m hoping inspires others to pursue their dreams.

I’m really grateful to EPIX for this incredible opportunity and the care they’ve shown me. Can’t wait for you all to see it.”


Here are my nuggets:

What struck me and I appreciated to hear was Serena’s honesty.

She hates trainings! She says it plainly but she does it anyway!

Day in, day out she’s working out in the gym.

So for you: even if you don’t enjoy doing something, do it anyway because that is what separates the successful ones from the others.

There is a great deal of empowerment in this.


Do you believe that body image is important on the tennis court?

I loved Serena’s response to that.

She talked about her body and comparing it to others but even though is not perfect she was extremely grateful for her shape and size!


Another amazing fact: her father had an inspiring vision of the two sisters to be success and be the best.

And they both fit into his vision!

They did that with his guidance and daily trainings.

Can you see how crucial and powerful it is to have a strong, solid vision for yourself?


Although she is the only one on the tennis court facing her opponent, it’s not just her playing.

She has a coach, a supportive family, a physio therapist who looks after her body and diet, a manager, etc.

There is a whole team of people around her that has been helping her on her journey to success.

Don’t you feel it has to be only you. Surround yourself with the right people and together you achieve more!

That’s in fact that TEAM stands for: Together Everyone Achieves More.


The documentary finishes after she lost against Roberta Vinci at the U.S. Open.

And here is her reaction to it:


“I don’t want to talk about losing. I don’t like losing. I don’t want to talk about the match,

I don’t want to think about the match.

This is the biggest moment in my career history and I didn’t get it.

I’ve never been in this position.

I’ve never been so close to having something and  losing it – or, not getting it.

[Pauses] No, losing it.

I lost it.

It’s not like I got beaten, I lost it.”


Powerful and inspirational, isn’t it? She took 100% responsibility for the outcome.

Via: http://www.thechocolatevoice.com/epix-announced-world-tv-premiere-of-original-documentary-serena/



The third movie,

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week The Touring Years.

Who doesn’t know the Beatles? Their music is timely.


This movie, portrays the first part of the Beatles’ career from 1962-1966.

The director Ron Howard explored in this movie how

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star

came together to become the world-conquering phenomenon.


“…The film includes interviews with the two surviving members McCartney and Ringo Starr,

archive material with Harrison and Lennon, and intriguing conversations with present-day fans such as Elvis Costello,

Whoopi Goldberg and Malcolm Gladwell (whose 2008 book Outliers brings the Beatles’ Hamburg years into his theory that

greatness takes 10,000 hours of practice).


Practice makes perfect! So what ever you do, when you spend enough time doing it, in this case 10 000 hours, you’ve

mastered it!


“Eight Days a Week is about what amounted to an almost unbroken four-year, semi-improvised multimedia performance

for which there was no pre-existing template – not simply the music but the giant public spectacle and public scrutiny,

the theatre of arriving at airports, hotels, posing for incessant photographs, and most challengingly of all, talking

to journalists. With wit and good humour far in advance of anything being shown by the press corps,

the Beatles came up with snappy but good-natured replies to the questions.”


They were four youngsters, four friends with had a cheer passion for making music and having fun and they changed the world.

They had to face many challenges.

The movie shows us a bit of that.


I’d like to draw your attention to the part, which talks about press and how they handled it.

In private life or in business being present and listen is a vital skill.

If you want to be successful in either or both areas of your life it’s a good idea to learn it.

A quick question for you: Do you practice good listening daily with your spouse, kids, people you work with?

Or are you eager to jump in with your answers before they even finished their thoughts?


Although their music is fun, it’s rhythmic and catchy,Paul McCartney shared how much pressure there was,

how scared they were as their fame was growing but because they were four of them,

they could chat and share their ideas and concerns among each other.


Do you have someone you can trust and share your concerns?


Here is my biggest takeaway.

As I watched the documentary and analysing it for myself, it became obvious to me that the more they performed

the more they got creative and productive.

They took on board what was going on around them – personally and politically and turned that into great music.

There seemed to be flow, harmony.

So whatever we do, if there is flow and one event follows the other with much for us to do, it’s the law of least effort,

so we could do less to achieve more.

Just to clarify, we still put the time and effort in but it’s not at the cost of loosing patience, stressing about the outcome…

You know what I mean, right?

Sometimes, if we wants things too much, it’s not not happening.

So we have to relax and look around to see what inspires us, what fits in with our vision.


The quotes from the Guardian, read in full here:



Did you learn something today? Has it inspired you?

If yes, please share it with your friends so they can learn too. Sharing is caring!






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