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3 Tips for Good Sleep this Winter

AUTUMN 2018 is in full swing and as we are heading towards the winter season, the days will get shorter and the nights will get longer. But will that extra time of darkness help you sleep better? Let me share with you 3 tips that promotes good sleep.

What the experts say?

They claim that in general, people do tend to sleep a little longer in the wintertime, compared to the summertime. But the few minutes of extra darkness on the winter solstice itself may not be enough to make a noticeable difference to people’s sleep habits, compared to how they sleep on the days before and after the solstice. The Sleep Council Organisation in the United Kingdom advises that, an adult should sleep between seven and nine hours a day1.

How many hours a night do you sleep on average? Pop a comment below 🙂

What good sleep depends on?

The average individual will spend around a third of their life asleep. During this time, the body is able to replenish energy stores and make repairs, while the brain would organise and store the memories from the day before. The amount of sleep you need depends on your age, sex, health and other elements, with sleep cycles changing, as we grow older.

Your sleep environment matters!

When it comes to sleep – your bedroom is your sanctuary where you can retrieve and forget about the stresses of the day. Follow these helpful tips in order to benefit from a well rested, refreshing and invigorating sleep:

3 tips for good nights sleep.


Go Tech-Free… reading a paper book or magazine before bed helps make your eyelids feel heavy. But scrolling through your phone, tablet or computer almost guarantees the opposite effect, keeping you awake for longer.

Are you a book reader or a phone scroller before sleep?


Open your window! Temperature plays an important role in the onset of sleep and circadian rhythms. Feeling hot and sticky is not only physically uncomfortable; it can prevent your body from settling into deep sleep and reaping the good hormones released in deeper stages of rest.

What is the temperature in your bedroom?


Invest in a good mattress. Your bed plays one of the biggest roles in determining how long and how well you sleep. Your bed and your body naturally change over time (they’re both ageing!), so if your mattress is seven years or older, it’s probably time to replace it. Older mattresses do not provide the support you need for restful sleep and need to be replaced. Making this one improvement can help you benefit from nights of blissful sleep. Your pillows should also be replaced regularly to make sure you are getting the adequate support for your neck and spine.

How long have you been sleeping on yours? Just curious 🙂

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