4 Tips to Focus on Prevention
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4 Tips to Focus on Prevention

Have you ever thought about ways to keep you and your family healthy mentally and physically that could last? Well, prevention is the way to go! But how to do effectively in today’s busy world? You may be asking!

I was reading the papers the other day and I came across an article that talked just about that! You know how we (from the Western world) look up to the Japanese?

They’ve showed us the are the #1 in the car industry – Toyota,

They showed us they are the best ones in the music industry – Sony – the largest music entertainment in the world and a leading player in the film and television industry.

And they have done it again in the health care system.

It’s common knowledge that the society is ageing, advances in medicine are vastly extending life expectancy, while a tide of “lifestyle” diseases means many of the extra years are spent heavily dependant on healthcare, such as medication, having carers around etc. As most experts agree the current model is unsustainable.

So the Japanese have looked at two elements to their approach – keep older people connected to others and helping them to be as independent as possible. Their focus is to keep them WELL as long as possible. In their accommodation for elderly they focused on keeping the environment similar to the one at home for example no handrails. If they lose balance hold on to the nearby furniture – in order words cope with real life.


The purpose is to encourage people to be active.

The people are set goals and this helps them to fulfil their potential.

Wouldn’t you agree that having the last two in place at whatever age is very useful?

The autonomy is key to their success of the approach. People choose their own programmes and make their own plans.

Having a freedom of choice is important to anyone, isn’t it?


They are encouraged to be as proactive as possible and stay self-reliant for as long as possible.

Many activities are designed to keep people physically active, with mental stimulation, emotional engagement and help friendships to develop – to stimulate people’s cognitive abilities.

This helps people with the sense of self-pride.

Wouldn’t you agree that this way of looking at life should start a lot earlier?


Our first behaviour and habits start at home how our mums and grannies taught us, right?

In Britain the minister of health is looking up to Japan and takes notes what should be implemented here.

So the first steps are Calling for Change in focus of how the NHS is operating in simple words going from CURE to PREVENTION. What’s more, the Japan’s focus is on using the power of technology. In the article they are talking about the implementation and usage of Robots and Artificial Intelligence. But there is something else!

When it comes to prevention, would you agree that starting with the basics is actually really important?


Tip #1

Would you agree that our world is full of toxins?

There is pollution everywhere: in the air, water, soil, in our bodies… How great would that be to get rid of it effectively!


Tip #2

Let’s look at the water we drink! Water shouldn’t be a beverage choice it’s actually an essential nutrient!

However, water contains all sorts of things, which shouldn’t really be in water such as chlorine, medication residues, residues from contraceptive pills etc. Especially when we are between 75-85 % of water, right?

Wouldn’t you want to drink pure, clean, fresh, energising water just as nature intended?


Tip #3

What about sleep?

Did you know that sleep is more important than diet, exercise or heredity? According the DR. William Dement, founder of the Sleep Research Centre at Stanford University.

The healthy length of sleep each night is between 8-9 hours so our body can actually properly recover and rejuvenate. In fact, it’s the most important time for the body. But the environment in which we sleep often prevents us from feeling rejuvenated and fresh in the morning. It could be the quality of mattress or duvet, feeling to hot or too cold, the Wi-Fi, noise, light from electrical devices in the bedroom, etc. The list goes on.

Wouldn’t it be great to actually wake up fresh?


Tip #4

Would you agree that excessive sugar consumption matters?

Managing weight is not only about what we eat but also how we manage stress.

Checking labels and shopping more on the outer shelves in your local supermarket where you find fresh produce is a great step forward towards making healthier choices every day.

Stress sometimes leads to overeating. So finding an effective way to distress could be another great step in the right direction. So a short meditation where you are not distracted by television, radio, checking social media, children’s cry…. and just focusing on breathing helps to switch off before actually going to bed.

Can you imagine having the body shape you always wanted? And feel no pain, no aches!


If you answered yes to at one of the questions above, I’d like to invite you to a free webinar in which you learn the actual solution that is holistic and pure just as nature intended and has the ethos and advancements of the Japanese culture.

Even you can thrive at any age even living in a busy city and leading a busy life.

Send me an email to reserve your seat!

Have you found these tips useful? If yes, feel free to share it and help someone to change their life.

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