Your 5 Alive Quiz Results! - Lucie Patel Varekova

Your 5 Alive Quiz Results!

Hey, It’s Lucie again.


Now you have your results, how do you feel about your scores for each of the 5 areas?

Did they meet your expectations?

I admit, it’s a simple way to measure something important to us… our true happiness in life, but it’s a helpful indicator as to which area needs your attention.

So, if your scores for each area was over 80% – Gold Stars to you! How you have your life arranged is working quite well.

Did you score less than 60% in at least one area?

Hmmm, not bad but more attention is needed.

Or did you have a score of under 50% for at least one area?

Not so good because if it’s left low for too long it can negatively flood into the other more positive areas and bring your scores down.

But if you are sincerley willing to change it, that can be solved.

It’s a juggling act to keep life in balance.

Most people are focused on finances at the expense of their health, at the expense of their family, and also at the expense of their peace of mind.

So let me ask you a question: How important is it to you that you make each of the 5 Areas a healthy 100%?

Or even an 80% for each?

What would your life look like if it was possible?

Would that be worth a FREE 30-minute chat to see if I can be of any help?

I’ll shoot you an email in a few days to ask you that question. Perhaps you may end up being on a journey to make it happen!

Warm wishes and hats off to you on taking the time to find out more about yourself,