5 energy boosting and 5 energy draining foods
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5 Energy Boosting Foods & 5 Energy Draining Foods

Have you ever felt tired after eating certain food? Have you ever felt some food is draining your energy?

I certainly did and at first I didn’t’ pay much attention to it but after a time I noticed there was a pattern. When I ate certain food I felt sluggish and sleepy. And when I ate something else my energy was boosted.

So I did some research and found that there are 5 energy boosting foods and also 5 energy draining foods.

So here they are:


5 energy boosting foods



I absolutely love eggs. I was once adviced to only eat the egg white…do you know what? I learn to follow my body, my intuition. If we are well balanced our bodies know how to self-regulate.

Most kids are really good at that and so are animals.

In my opinion, the egg is produced as a whole and it works for our body.

I’d strongly advice to buy eggs either from a farm that is local and you know the hens and chickens are not locked up in small cages or from a shop where again you know that the shop owner is proudly selling happy eggs.

Farmers markets are another great way to shop. The eggs will be bit more expensive but you’ll taste the quality, I promise.

So why are the eggs good for us?

The yolks are rich in B vitamins, which convert food into energy. What is more, there are also a fab source of protein which helps you to keep full. There are many recipes what to do with eggs. From soft boiled to hard boiled to scrambled or an omelette.

What is your favourite recipe? Feel free to share on my Facebook Fan Page.

Hunger can cause dips in energy.

I’m Vata according to the Ayurveda principles and it definitely applies to me. So I make sure never get my body in such state. Or if I happen to be in such situation that food is not available I learnt to always carry with me little healthy snacks as I mention below.

Also one more thing, I noticed that when some people reach the stage of hunger and they are in the middle of something they really need to finish, they become more irritable, easily pushed out of balance. Did you also notice that the brain slows down and focus is not as sharp?

So it’s far beneficial to take a short break, have something to eat and then carry on.

So what can you eat to carry you over to a proper lunch break?



They contain good healthy fat which provides a good source of long-lasting energy. Good fats also keep you full.

There is such a vast range on the market such as brazil nuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, pecans, pine nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia, peanuts, chestnut…

So always keep your favourite nuts handy to snack on any time you need.



Dehydration is one of the leading but most overlooked causes of tiredness.

A great way to start a day is to have a warm water with zest of lemon ( I also add a bit of honey) to flush out the system, get rid of toxins and it prevents constipation.

During the day you can sip on water with some flavor. Simply add lemon, cucumber, strawberries (which are now in season) or any other soft fruit you like.

Avoid tap water and bottled water sold in plastic bottles particularly in the summer season from cheap corner shops.

The reason being the shop keepers don’t care much how they store water and often leave it by the window where the son is shining on.

This creates an issue as the plastic leaks estrogen in the heat into the water. Too much estrogen is linked with all kinds of lifestyle diseases such as cancer.

The best way for you to buy a good quality bottle BPA ad PETE free which you fill with water from your water system.

If you need guidance on that, please contact me. I’ll share with you what I’ve discovered and am more than 100% happy.

Or better still buy a bottle with a filter inside so where ever you go you fill with tap water but you drink pure clean water.

Again there are many companies on the market and only a few you can truly trust. The rest has jumped on this trendy wave and sells poor quality products. I

f you’d like guidance, please contact me and I share with you my discoveries and recommendations.



Is incredibly high in protein. What’s more, it’s a complex carbohydrate so it will provide you with long-lasting energy throughout the day.

You can add it to soups, casseroles, risottos and salads and even to make muesli from it.


Pumpkin seeds

My super favourite. These are fantastic source of magnesium (most people are deficient in this mineral) and zinc which helps increase energy levels. Snack on them or sprinkle the over your food.


5 energy draining foods


Biscuits & cookies

It’s so tempting when you feel tired to reach for one or two of these. But don’t fall into the trap!

It’s high in sugar and you might feel you get an instant hit of energy – your blood sugar levels will raise but soon after your blood sugar levels will crash causing you to feel even more tired than before.


Salty foods

Too much salt dehydrates you which causes tiredness. So avoid crisps, salted peanuts – well any nuts, processed foods and ready meals.

For this matter check the labels on meat free alternatives such as Quorn as sometimes they can have too much salt! Processed foods and ready meals are packed with hidden salt.


Breakfast cereals

After my research and learning from top nutritionists commercial breakfast cereals are a terrible choice.

I’m not a fan and have stopped eating them many moons ago.

They are cleverly advertised as a healthy start of the day, but in reality they are lacking nutrients and instead they are packed with sugar.

I’m a big advocate of plain porridge or organic oats mixing in chopped nuts, berries that are in season ( strawberries and raspberries now in June), seeds and a spoonful of Omega 3.6 and 9.

This is far healthier and more energizing option for breakfast.

Try it and let me know!


Fizzy drinks

Ah, another energy drainer! These are incredibly high in sugar again.

You may get the same effect like after eating biscuits, they give you the burst of energy, but again you will feel even more tired once the sugar rush left your body.

Do you know what’s been found? Studies have discovered that some of the fizzy drinks can actually lower your mood due to the artificial sweeteners.

So some people can be more prone to feeling depressed.

Some of the drinks contain way too high levels of caffeine which is terrible pressure put on the body to deal with.

What’s more, any fizzy drink is so acidic that will causes bones to lose its density.

The body has to deal with the high acidity when you drink fizzy drinks by taking calcium from your bones to balance the blood’s pH so the body can function as normal again until to take another bottle…

Hence there are teenagers who actually break a bone before they fall which prevents them from playing football, basketball etc.

Not mentioning older people who don’t properly hydrate and drink either caffeinated beverages or fizzy drinks and they after a fall they are told they have osteopenia or osteoporosis.


Fried food

Not a great choice if you need to stay focused and have energy to go through your day/evening.

Research shows that fatty, fried food such as takeaway chips and burgers cause fatigue, increases grogginess and daytime sleepiness.

And that’s not what you need when you are finishing your project, studying for exams or have important work to do.


Inspiration and some data taken from a book Clean and Lean pregnancy guide by James Duigan.


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