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5 Tips How to Be Wild (Again)

The Autumn is in full swing, how have you been? Are you set in your routine…your summer holiday is long forgotten… things around are little too same? But your soul seeks something wild?

Professor of Psychology, Ed Diener, says that “The aim of life is to die young as late as possible.”

Here are a few tips on how to become more present, aware and wild:

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    If you take a £20 note, crumple it up, throw it on the floor, and tread on it a few times, it may be a little dirty and the worst for wear, but it hasn’t lost any of its value. Wild, isn’t it? The same is true of you! Remember, what happens to you doesn’t change your value.

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    Whatever life you have in you, express it! Don’t be shy. If you have the urge to bake cakes, do stand up comedy, or run a marathon ….. overcome the inertia and do it! Sometimes having cheer leaders on your side helps!   The act of expression increases present moment awareness, flow, and therefore happiness. 

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    Take a risk, change your routine and do something which makes your soul soar. Sleep replenishes a tired mind and body, but sleep doesn’t help if its your soul that’s tired. Let me know what you’ve done differently in the next 7 days! Share it with me 🙂

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    Make sure that everyday you love someone, believe in something and hope for something. When you’re crystal clear on your why the how tends to show up. What is it for you? Pin me an email and share it with me 🙂

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    Get outside and get lost in nature because this is our true nature. In evolutionary terms, it wasn’t that long ago that we lived in caves. Humans have become too domesticated and were born to be wild. There maybe no wifi in the forest, but you will find a better connection.

Inspired by Sunil Bali, a transformation coach.

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