7 Life Changing Products the Pharmaceutical Industry Doesn't Want You To Know
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7 Life Changing Products the Pharmaceutical Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

Are you fed up with taking medications and seeing no or very little results? Or do you want to avoid to get trapped in the never ending loop of medications and side effects and want to look at things that are proven to work and can even be preventative? Take a look at these life changing products your doctor will never tell you about.

Before Let me share some stats first.

Did you know that the big pharmaceutical company got actually caught paying the FDA$8,500,000 to ban holistic all-natural products that work? Obviously their aim is to prescribe medications that only provide short-term relief, forcing you to keep taking them because they will continue to make a nice profit. The cost of prescription drugs is rising fast, the list of side effects is never ending no wonder more and more people are looking at alternative ways to regain their health.

The principle so some of these products goes back thousands of years; these ancient holistic practices are combined with the latest technologies. When you use them you will feel amazing and happier! Hard to believe? Well, you have to feel them, touch them and used them for yourself. There is no way around it.

The beauty is in the simplicity and how they fit neatly into your busy life and most importantly they work! No wonder the sick care industry doesn’t want you to know about them!?

1.    Msteps or Mstrides Insoles – Help You Eliminate Pain, Stress and Migraines

We are on our feel pretty much all day long, right? Now, did you know that back, knee, and hip pain is often related to an problem in the feet? Feet support our weight and walk on hard surfaces – concrete. Any slight misalignment affects the entire body. Nikken has created revolutionary foot insoles – Kenko Mstrides and Kenko Msteps  both of them are either flat or with massaging bumps. The product combine ancient reflexology with modern magnetic technology that stimulates 400 different pressure points on the soles of the feet to relieve back pain, knee issues, any strains, boost your energy levels and not to forget release harmful toxins.

Steve found these insoles transformative to his health – watch here what he wants to share with you. Or even what Dr. Weintroub has scientifically proven about these insoles.

2.     The Kenko MagFlex – Helping You Sort Out Back Problems You Had For Years

Lifestyle in the western world has been sedentary for now more then 3 decades and with that in mind there have been a lot of back related health issues. Did you know there are back pain accounts for more than 264 million lost work days in one year—that’s two work days for every full-time worker in the country.* What’s more, experts estimate that up to 80% of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives. **

Some Common Sense Tips First:

  • Check your posture – poor posture is ignorance and/or unawareness of the individual. Sorry to be so direct. So be aware how you hold your body at work.
  • Take regular breaks. Breaks are also good for your eyes. Try not to look a short distance for too long! If you stare at the PC for too long you don’t brink as much either! (How I know this? I got a long lecture about this from my late father-in-law, a professor of optometry).
  • Exercise! There is a lot of professionals happy to help you, there is also plenty of videos on YouTube or books as well.

Now, if you have done it all and you still hurt – check this Far InfraRed Back Belt! with Kenko Magflex These two products work best when used together, they are comfortable and very easy to use. Magflex has built-in magnets and fits in the pocket of the adjustable far infrared back belt, (3 sizes available) Anyone can benefit from these products. They are suitable for all genders and it is flexible enough to fit any body shape and size. Give it a shot now, wear it for a few days, and feel amazing, satisfaction guaranteed. For many it’s been a life changing experience.

3.     Sitting Comfortably? Kenko Seat is Your Answer

How and what you sit on matters. Make sure your chair and your desk are the right height for you and you sit on Kenko Seat .This product is engineered with advanced magnetics (800 – 1,000 Gauss) in the form of the SpyderRAM® Magnetic Technology and 100% natural latex for hypoallergenic and ventilated comfort. If you’re office or building you work in is exposed to the EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) pollution from your PC monitor and WiFi in the building. Or if you commute a lot.  More info on Electro-Magnetic Pollution is in a book called: PEMF, The 5th Element of Health by Bryant A. Meyers.

4.     Using Your Wrists a Lot? Use the PowerBand

For repetitive strain injuries there is the Nikken PowerBand® is a comfortable magnetic bracelet that’s perfect during sports and other activities. Unisex and in neutral black and white, in 19cm and 21cm, the Nikken PowerBand® looks good on both men and women. Versatile in its construction, two or more Nikken PowerBand® wrist bands can be connected by their clasps to create a necklace, double wristband or even a belt.

5.     Eliminating Local Pains – Kenko PowerChip, PowerMini or Therm Duk Tape

A much-preferred alternative to dangerous painkillers and mildly effective heat pads. Any pains and aches that you may feel in your arms, legs, back or your face, teeth, bruises etc. just apply either of these – Kenko Powerchip or Kenko PowerMini They are in different sizes and gauss strength. It is a quick and easy therapy at home, available to you whenever you want it! You’ll be amazed when you put it on for the first time. Or the KenkoTherm Duk Tape is pretty amazing too. Made of flexible cotton tape, it can help promote greater freedom of movement and can be worn while exercising or all day long. It can be cut to any length and is designed to work well with a Kenko PowerChip® or PowerMini®, holding the disc in place where desired.

6.     Kenko Sleep Pack Help you Sleep Well Again

Say goodbye to restless nights and taking medications to help you fall asleep. Imagine the feeling to be able to sleep and wake up well rested! No more fidgeting around the bed because it’s just too hot or too cold, or flipping the pillow in different directions. The Kenko Sleep Pack King (double and single sizes available). Helps you enjoy rejuvenating, refreshing sleep which by the way, has been scientifically proven to improve your mood, cognition, lose weight and overall performance and function of your body! Even if you don’t think you “need it”, try it for a week and see how much better you feel. You will not want to give it back!

  • Stress and worry related sleep issues? Create Residual Income even outside this country

If you cannot sleep because your job is unstable, insecure or you’ve been faced with unexpected sky-rocketing bills – contact me how you can supplement your income (which will not interfere with what you do) or even replace your income. Start your own home based career with continuous support and mentoring with the best business people.

7.    BONUS:  Hydrate with Water – Think PiMag

Did you know that if your body is dehydrated on a regular basis it can cause all sorts of chronic issues in the body? Don’t treat thirst with medications, have a drink of pure, clean, pH balanced, structured water and clear pains such as rheumatoid arthritis, low back, neck, angina pains, headaches, stress and depression, high blood pressure, excessive body weight, asthma, allergies, to name a few.**  PiMag Waterfall is a system you, your kids and your pets will not give back.  I can’t describe it to you you must feel it on your own body. Or the on-the-go option which is, by the way, with 50% discount till 31st March.

Via:*https://www.acatoday.org/Patients/Health-Wellness-Information/Back-Pain-Facts-and-Statistics, **https://www.acatoday.org/Patients/Health-Wellness-Information/Back-Pain-Facts-and-Statistics, *** F.Batmanghelidj, M.D. – Your body’s many cries for water.

Which one or more of these 7 Life changing health tools are you going to adopt in your life?

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