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7 Step Check List To Start Your Own Business

Did you feel funny on Sunday evening and dreaded the Monday to come?

Waking up early, a long commute… You know what I mean.


On Saturday I went to a show at the Olympia called HerEvent.

It was about happiness, Empowerment and Re-balance.

A few talks were about other women’t experiences when they

decided to start their own business. So in today’s blog post I’m going to concentrate on that topic.

Why? Because some of you might be sick and tired of 9-5 job,

or you have been thinking about starting a business for some time but haven’t done much about it

or you are passionate to do something on a side.

When I started my business I was given a little Check List  and I added a few things to it

as I grew and that helped me to feel more confident when I started and something to go back to when I needed.

So here it is:

  1. What is your inner calling

It’s so important to follow your inner voice, your calling, your higher purpose in life – what ever you want to call it.

You may want to start from smaller goals that you can imagine achieving such as earning extra money that can

better lifestyle for your family, work less so you can actually spend good quality time with your spouse, kids,

socializing with friends and therefore you’d like to create financial freedom that allows you to do that.

So take a moment to think about what you always wanted to go but life took you different direction…


  1. Create a biz map to your destination

What kind of business do you want to be in? There are many on the market. Some require a lot of capital upfront, some don’t.

Would you like to be online or offline?

I always like drawing so I recommend to take a piece of paper and draw all that comes into your mind that would be needed.

What skills you need, how quickly you can make return on investment…

You may come up with all kinds of ideas. Once you draw it or write it becomes more real and you are closer to actualising it.

Trust me. A lot of studies have been done to prove it.


  1. Who can help me to get where I’m heading

Ask for help. Your friends and family members might come really handy as they always like helping.

Word of caution: when you do take advice from people make sure you can trust them as they have done it and learnt from their mistakes.

Sometimes people want to help but they only heard it from someone and often story got twisted on along the way….

What are you good at (your own skills i e. leadership, creativity, admin, etc. You can always outsource what you need to: on upwork.com, fiver.com

They are many excellent books and resources out there too.


  1. Who is my target audience/my ideal clients

Absolutely essential to get this one right! Who is going to buy from me.

What do they do? Where do you find them? What do they like? What are their challenges? What do they need?

Who do You like working with?

Having a clear message is really helpful. As a result you’ll be happier and that will make a huge difference in your personal life.


  1. Learn each day something new

My mentor taught me that his teacher at University suggested to him to read each day for 30 min is absolutely essential.

He made it a whole hour. His female colleagues told him that men have it easier they don’t have kids and household to look after.

He replied: “Are you not worth 30 min to have for yourself?”

Think about it?

It also can be an online course or a workshop you sign up for.

Trust me it will make a difference in your progress.


  1. Who do you spend time with matters.

Create a circle “My five and I” and choose these five people you surround yourself very carefully.

Another mentor of mine told me that you will earn an average of whom you spend the most time with. And this is absolute truth.


  1. Develop “I CAN attitude”

I myself started a course called I Can Attitude and in fact I’m doing its second round.

It’s proven valuable to develop habits and tools that are positive to hold countable in times when things don’t go according to a plan.


Did This Help You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook

If you ready to start your business but would like to discuss a few things, call me for a free 20 min consultation.

I’ll show you what I’m doing and if you like it, let’s work together.

Have a great day!

Lucie x

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