7 Tips How to Survive the Hay Fever/Allergy Season
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7 Tips How to Survive the Hay Fever Season

Have you ever got so flared up, had runny nose, itchy eyes and skin that you simply couldn’t focus on your work? It was too much hard work to concentrate on anything? Even though you love walking in the park and have lunch under the gorgeous blossom, the pollen around and the hay fever you suffer with is preventing you to enjoy it fully. So…

Let me share with you 7 simple and practical tips that will help you to enjoy spring again!

1. A practical way to avoid pollen allergy

“Keep your bedroom windows closed during the day to prevent pollen from blowing into your bedroom and setting on your bed.” says Max Wiseberg, airborne allergy expert.

Dry your washing indoors. Drying your cloths on the sun, although quicker and more environmentally friendly, but the pollen lands on your cloths and when you wear it it can cause your skin to itch or even cause eczema.

2. Keep your hair tight

You might consider wearing a hat or if you have long hair keep them in a bun or simply tight  if you are outside so it doesn’t irritate your nose, eyes or your skin. During these pollen months you might like to wash your hair more often to wash off the pollen. Have a paraben free shampoo which doesn’t dry your scalp too much.


3. Eat anti-inflammatory diet

Have plenty of fruit and veg.

Did you know?

Grapefruits, watermelons and yellow papers contain Beta Carotene which is high in Vitamin C and bioflavonoids. They are great at fighting off the hay fever symptoms.

You also might like to give a miss to your favourite sandwich and instead have a salad because salad has natural anti-histamine quercetin. Quercetin is in capers, red onions or watercress and in some fruit like apples. Ah, don’t forget pineapple – it has bromelain which helps absorbing quercetin in the body. Another tips I read and I found super useful is washing your fruit and veg in chamomile. Again, it has anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties. After that, you can use the tea bag on your itchy eyes.

4. Give a miss to Alcohol

Did you know that alcohol contains histamine? It is the same chemical produced by your body when you come into contact with something you are allergic to, according to Max Wiseberg, airborne allergies expert. Histamine is released into the blood stream and causes sneezing, itchy eyes or running nose. What I found out is that histamine is also the chemical in our brain that keeps us alert and awake so if you take anti-histamine it’s most likely to make you feel tired and drowsy. Even these that claims they are “non drowsy”. I’ve tried them. They didn’t work for me.


5. Watch the products you put on your skin

The pollen in the air can irritate the skin so much so you may even get eczema or hives, puffy eyes or dark circles under the eyes. Choose natural, paraben free products which will soothe and protect your skin. They will act as a barrier to protect your skin. You can choose tinctures of chamomile, nettle, calendula etc.


6 Strengthen your immune system

Take regular probiotic as well as prebiotic. Probiotic may help you reduce the symptoms of hay fever. Prebiotic will feed the good bacteria in your stomach. They work hand in hand with each other.

Happy to recommend one I’m using and it’s been serving me well.


7. Drink sufficient amount of water

According to F. Batmanghelidj. M.D. in his book Your Body’s Many Cries For Water he claims that allergies and asthma can be cured by drinking enough water. The science and how the body works is described in chapter 9.  I bet, that you don’t drink enough water every day. Let me challenge you!  In the next 7 days drink sufficient amount (it can be calculated according to your weight) and see what will change for you and please let me know by commenting below.

Not every water has the same quality. I’d highly recommend filtered water but even there there is a huge difference in quality. What the filter filters out, does it add anything in, what is the cost efficiency etc.

There is one I’ve personally tested and would highly recommend. Please feel free to reach out to me to find out more or even try it for yourself.


Have you found these tips useful? If yes, feel free to share it and comment below.

A video featured on Facebook on this topic below.

Have a great day!

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