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How to Embrace Spring This Year?

While every change of season seems to ignite the desire for a fresh start, it seems to be more prevalent when it comes to Spring.

With many of us seeing through this Spring self isolating from the comfort of our home it’s more important than ever that you take care of your physical health and emotional wellbeing.  It’s easy to build a few simple self-care rituals into your day that could help manage stress and anxiety, build mental and physical resilience and help navigate new challenges.

Introducing some form of exercise into your daily routine, to planning healthy meals and making space for mindfulness are all but a few ideas to staying healthy at home…

1. Be mindful 

You can practise mindfulness anywhere, any time. Regular meditation can help you to let go of anxiety and any impatience you might be feeling. Headspace app is now for free

2. Keep active 

You don’t need a gym in order to stay active. According to the National Health Service England, to stay healthy, adults should try to be active every day and aim to achieve at least 150 minutes of physical activity over a week.There are plenty of activities you can do from; streaming workouts online to getting some gardening done or even a brisk house clean. My husband has created a gym in the garden, whilst I’ve been doing the spring clean, the garden and going for walks.

3. Eat smart 

Sticking to a healthy diet and building healthy meals from scratch can be a challenge at the best of times. Mind you, the shop never run out of fresh produce. People often bought in panic all tin food which is by the way, very acidic with a lot of additives. So if you can create an alkaline diet. Sticking to three meals a day routine and incorporating enough fibre and protein into your meals will keep you fuller for longer. If you like to snack, make sure you have plenty of healthy snacks available. My son and I have been baking.

4. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water helps the body work better! It helps the digestive system work more efficiently to process nutrients while removing waste. It also helps the function of the immune system by preventing the buildup of toxins in the kidneys and the liver. The PiMag Waterfall® System takes tap water and filters it through an advanced filtration system reducing contaminants whilst natural minerals help adjust the pH to create alkaline water. Being gravity fed its perfect for any kitchen worktop.2

5. Get creative

Creative play isn’t just for kids. Journalling, sketching and painting are all great ways to boost mood and express yourself. You can start an online group with your friends such as a book club or a knitting club. I’ve been invited to a FB group “What you see out of your window”. People shared some amazing views. Creativity is for all ages, kids, parents and grandparents… Maybe this is the perfect time to learn something new?

6. Make space for self-care

Have you thought to recreate a spa regime in the comfort of your own home? Adopting some self-care rituals around your beauty regime can make a real impact on how you feel. Bubble baths, at-home facials and some well deserved ‘me’ time will not only relax your body but your mind too! Enjoy a body massage in the comfort of your own home with the Nikken MagCreator®. Relax while this magnetic roller rolls smoothly up and down the back and take away your stresses. Here is how to use it.

7. Ground yourself 

There is nothing to perfectly replicate the feeling that we get from soil, grass, sand or even the ocean floor underneath our bare feet, but there is something that comes close in its effect. Unload with the KenkoGround®. A conductive mat that serves to reconnect you with Mother Nature by connecting to the earth’s negative charge and works by reducing and neutralising unwanted positive charge – which our body absorbs from being surrounded by strong sources of electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted from electrical devices such as computers and mobile phones.

All off these activities can help towards maintaining your wellbeing and healthy lifestyle at home.

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Share far and wide and let your friends save money on buying expensive and often acidic bottled water.

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2. https://nikkeneurope.wordpress.com

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