8 Simple Tips How to Conquer the Sugar Addiction-
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8 Simple Tips How to Conquer the Sugar Addiction

Have you been trying to lose weight or get into better shape since the new year? Have you found it hard to make changes? For most people the biggest challenge is to break the addiction to sugar. It’s actually just as bad as any other addictions or habits. So I totally appreciate it’s been difficult for you too. But as more health research comes to light, it truly is necessary to reduce sugar consumption, if not eliminate it completely from your diet.

What does the Research show?

We, consumers are actually actively reading the labels.  A recent survey conducted by the International Food Information Council (IFIC) shows that:

  • 48% of consumers say they are eliminating certain foods and beverages from their diets.1
  • 25% are using low-calorie sweeteners instead of sugar.2
  • 22% are switching from caloric beverages to low- and no-calorie options.3

Many of us have a mixed opinion about low – and no-calorie sweeteners, but 63% now believe that these sweeteners help them reduce sugar consumption.4

Next week I’ll blog about the healthiest natural sweetener vs. the unhealthy artificial sweeteners. – so check out your inbox next Sunday.

Easy labelling – quicker shopping

Have you also found super time consuming to read the labels? Tiny writing to start off with complicated information on them? Yes, me too. Luckily all of this has changed! The increased focus on sugar consumption in relation to health has led to new regulatory guidelines in markets globally. In the UK you can find labels with a traffic light system. You see clearly how much fat, saturated fats, sugar and salt are in that food. So high (red), medium (amber) and low (green) percentages for each of these ingredients as shown below. In the United States, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has implemented changes to labelling added sugars and dietary fibers on Nutrition Facts to make it more clear to consumers too.  Below is an example of the differences in labeling.

traffic light label example on Whole almonds packet sugar, salt, fat

Traffic light label example on a packet of whole almonds.

nutrition facts label explained, sugar, salt, fat

Use the Sugar Smart App 

sugar smart app how to read labels - sugar, salt, fat blog-luciepatelvarekova.com

Sugar smart sugar calculator

sugar calculator blog-luciepatelvarekova.com

Fight kids obesity with sugar calculator

Change4life food scanner, sugar calculator, blog-luciepatelvarekova.com

Sugar calculator






Here are some tips for reducing sugar consumption in pursuit of Active Wellness:

  1. Eliminate fizzy drinks and sodas and other sugary beverages. Choose water. It hydrates you better!
  2. Need a sugar fix? Eat a piece of fruit or a sweet vegetable, such as a carrot, sweet potato or beetroot.
  3. Frozen berries, grapes, cherries and bananas are delicious as sorbets when blended.
  4. Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Try to drink it “straight” or only with a little creamer—without any sweeteners. Lemon in tea is a flavourful replacement and you can train your taste buds to appreciate tangy over sweet.
  5. Be careful with “alternative” sweeteners, such as honey and molasses. They are still forms of sugar, high in calories and have limited nutritional value. Instead, choose no-calorie natural sweeteners such as monkfruit and stevia.
  6. Do you want something sweet without empty calories? Have a “milk shake” made with Kenzen Vital Balance® mixed with the milk of your choice: coconut, soy, almond, cashew or regular!
  7. Drink more water. A recent survey in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics found that people who drank just 1% more water daily cut sugar intake by one to four teaspoons.5  Ask me for more info on Water filters.
  8. Read labels. Packaged food contains lots of hidden sugar, so eat fresh food whenever possible. For example, instead of packaged oatmeal, buy oatmeal that requires cooking. The packaged oatmeal frequently has little to no fiber and instead contains added sugar and artificial flavouring. A TIP how to shop: Shop on the outskirts of a supermarket (there is fresh produce) instead of in the middle of it where is food with a long shelf life!

Sugar is a bad habit, but the good news is, you can beat it!

1, 2, 3, 4 http://www.foodinsightorg/2017-food-and-health-survey


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