About - Lucie Patel Varekova

Who Is Lucie?

Have you ever stopped to think  ‘there’s got to be more to life, what is my real purpose here, on this planet…something meaningful and fulfilling’ ?

That was me back in 2009. I had graduated with a first class degree at a London university. I was over the moon with this amazing achievement because I had only arrived in the UK six years before that, leaving behind  the tiny village I was born, in the Czech Republic ,with very little money to my name, not so fluent English and no friends or family to receive me in this huge city.

I came on a dream, in search for a better life. I had heard the stories of how people lived in the West, brought to life in my imagination as a little girl through what I heard on the radio, saw on TV and read in magazines. I wanted to experience the freedom in those stories.

It’s a learning curve.

So to have graduated at all was a big deal. My parents worked hard in the factories to give my brother and myself a better place in life. They told me I would struggle for money if I did not have a profession – one that would pay well. ” Work hard Lucie and learn the skills they teach you”.

So I did and now I found myself with a certificate in hand but in debt. At that moment I was yet another out-of-work graduate. The recession was in full swing and with so many people chasing one measly job, you could say I was afraid.

Please move my cheese

I eventually found a job that paid a wage but the work was killing me inside – yet I still held onto my dreams of a different life. I just needed a way to break out of this life-sapping rat-race.

Something quite unexpected happened that burst my bubble. Out of the blue I got a call from a friend. The news was that our close friend had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was like my sister. She was only 29, a vibrant go-getter.

I thought that only much older women suffered with this disease. How could I be so wrong? My sweet friend died within a year. Her life gone, her dreams vanished, her hard work, her new house – just a gaping hole left… all for nothing.

But not quite for nothing.

Is there really something beyond?

After grieving and letting go, something had changed within me. I realised the significance of good health, being free from disease. After all, what of our dreams if we do not have the health to fulfil it. What of our dreams if we don’t have the financial strength to breathe life into it …and what of our dreams if we don’t have the time to enjoy it?

What is true purpose in life when we are trying to survive each day, competing with other people so that we can get higher up the ladder, trying to secure at least one firm foothold on at least a rung?

I was on a mission.

There had to be a better way to live than what I had experienced up to this point in my life. I had to preserve my health, I had to find a way to make good money and I wanted to have the time to pursue my dreams.

Welcome to a long weekend.

Sometime around late 2010 I read a book that changed my life called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki (do read it if you haven’t already). After reading that book my mind and vision to what was possible completely opened up and I started to think very differently about being an Employee vs an Entrepreneur!

I wish I would have read that book back in College but of course that wouldn’t happen because the school system is a little out of sink with the real world…unfortunately we’re taught to be employees and job machines in school rather than Business Owners!

I wanted someone to show me a way, someone who could teach me the skills of making money in my own business because right now what I had been taught at school and university was not giving life I was after.

I didn’t have much money and I certainly had zero business experience.

If ya wanna life outside the box, ya gotta think outside of the box!

In June of 2010 I retired my photographic  JOB and went Full Time into my Business! It was a scary move but my experiences so far taught me that life is too short to play small!

I’m 34 years Young and I’m Free! They say the less travelled road is tougher than the easy road but I knew that I did not want an average life. Thankfully, I have very experienced and understanding business coaches and mentors that have been my guides all along. It took me a few years of working my Business but I have something that most people don’t have…..Complete Time Freedom and I work when I want, with whom I want. 

You can choose how your life plays out.

I get to choose. On top of that any great business needs a great product or service. I found a way that I could enhance, preserve and keep my health deep into my later years through the products I sell through my business  – all natural , effective and side-effect free. For any age, for any gender.