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Why an after-dinner coffee could muck you up…

Do you also love the lovely smell of coffee in the morning? I certainly do. Although I don’t drink coffee! It makes my body super acidic! Anyways, …having a nice coffee is how most people start a day… mainly to pump up the body with energy to face the day again! I found this interesting study that reveals the effects of coffee and your / our sleep. So be aware what time is your last cuppa of Latte.

Drinking a double espresso after dinner will not just keep you up at night, it could disrupt your body clock for weeks, a study suggests.

Scientists found that a strong coffee three hours before bedtime can set the biological clock back by 40 minutes.

Much like computer or smartphone screens, caffeine appears to trigger a change in a sleep hormone called melatonin that plays a key role in regulating how sleepy people feel.

Researchers in Britain and the US kept five volunteers in a laboratory where they had no sense of day or night for 49 days. Some participants were given caffeine pills equivalent to two shots of coffee before going to bed and the rest were given placebos.

Members of the first group were subsequently found to have a sleep chemistry up to an hour behind the others.

John O’Neill, the joint lead researcher at the Medical Research Council’s laboratory of molecular biology, said: “The effect of caffeine on sleep and wakefulness has been long established, but its impact on the underlying body clock has remained unknown,” he said.

“These findings could have important implications for people with circadian sleep disorders, where their normal 24-hour body clock doesn’t work properly, or even help with getting over jet lag.

“Our findings also provide a more complete explanation for why it’s harder for some people to sleep if they’ve had a coffee in the evening: because their internal clockwork thinks they’re an hour further west.”

Via http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/science/article4558946.ece#commentsStart

Isn’t is interesting? Let me know how you feel after your cuppa! And feel free to share with others if you get value.


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