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Are mums punished for starting a family?

Certainly a hot topic for many of my friends. I also noticed that a good number of them waited with starting a family and the main reason was to make enough money to actually afford to start a family. The article below reveals more facts.

A mother with two children at nursery needs to earn at least £40,000 a year when she returns to work if she and her family are not to be left out of pocket, research reveals.

This is the point at which a mother’s salary after paying in­come tax and national in­surance would outweigh the money she must find for childcare, commuting and pen­sion contributions, the re­search by wealth management company Killik showed.

But she would have just £4 a day left for the other bills, such as a mortgage or rent and weekly food shop.

The calculations do not take into account the partner’s income but illustrate the challenge women face in finding a job that makes financial sense after becoming a mother. Even if she is a higher earner on £60.000 a year, she would be left with just £36 a day.

Sarah lord, managing director of Killik Chartered financial planners said:” I’m now spending more money on nursery than on my own mortgage. Furthermore, in the three years that our daughter has been at nursery, the fees have increased by a whooping 25% but my salary certainly has not risen by the same amount.”

Via: http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/news/uk_news/Society/article1687843.ece?CMP=OTH-gnws-standard-2016_04_16

The Sunday Times, 17th April 2016, page 13.


Mothers these days need to be creative and find a way that fits their situation to earn income whilst being mums and looking after the family.

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