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How to Beat Resistance – The War of Art

Have you ever struggled with resistance in your life?

I did for sure.

My Mentors’ Recommendation

And so did two or my mentors who recommended a brilliant book to me to help me with that.

The two of my mentors are extremely successful in business and have stricken a great work-life balance.

Both of them had to beat resistance big time to get where they are today.

“So what is the title of the book?” You might be asking!

I tell you about the book in more details in just a second.

When my first mentor recommended it to me, I took notice.

When my second mentor started talking about the same title, I had to look for the book and read it.

So when I went traveling abroad a few week ago, I carried the book with me.

It was a great decision.


The War of Art

The War of Art written by Steven Pressfield has automatically earned a spot in my all-time favourite books.

For those who have read this book, what was your experience?

If you have not had the privilege of reading it, the book is about what really prevents us from being successful

and doing what we are meant to do to achieve our goals and dreams.

The author simply refers to it as resistance and properly describes how it presents itself in our day to day lives.


I was able to relate and connect to each and every page of the book on a personal level

and so it was very difficult to select a single thing to sample.

All in all, I had to try and this is what I managed to compile:


Let no one lie to you that resistance is tangible; it cannot be seen or touched but it can be felt.

Resistance can be described as a negative repelling force that aims at drifting us away from our ambitions.

Sometimes you are supposed to complete a certain task in a specified duration of time

but you find yourself not doing it.

You start feeling lazy or get easily destructed. Have you ever had that feeling?

This is a force that mainly attacks women and if not well monitored can bring them down.

Do you relate?



Resistance is a word that can be simply described as self-destruction.

On the other hand, there is a danger that needs to be prevented by all means;

destruction by other people.


The fact that we are artists and professionals gives us the duty of fighting this spirit.

Consumer culture is something that is seriously growing stronger by the day.

The moment we win the battle against self-destruction and destruction by others,

we automatically become free from things like movies, TV, magazines and bars.

Understanding very well that the feeling of restlessness can never be healed by doing things

that are completely pointless is very important.

Concentrate on the important things in life and pay attention to work.


If at any point in your life you have ever felt this resistance

or the feeling of postponing things all the time,

this book was written for you.

Do not worry about the book being too long and boring,

it is an easy read that hits the nail on the head.

You will love it!


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To your abundance!

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