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What Is Your Purpose In Life?

The past 12 months really made us think, don’t you agree? When our usual way of day-to-day living was turned upside down, some of us started to question the purpose ...

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Food and Other Related Wellness Trends in 2021!

Around the globe, Covid-19 has changed lifestyles in many ways. One of the most important aspects of an Active Wellness lifestyle is what we eat. We are choosing our foods ...

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How to Stay Loyal to Your Dietary {wine free} Lifestyle Before & During Christmas

First Advent Sunday is behind us! And many partied ahead of us! BUT how do you join the festive party time without alcohol and still following your wine -free lifestyle ...

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Drink To Your Better Health!

Life cannot exist without water! That’s nothing new for you to learn. Proper hydration is essential to your healthy life. What you may/may not know about water is: comprises over ...

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Have you Gained Weight When Staying during a lockdown?

Have You Gained Weight When Staying at Home?

Have you personally lost or gained weight during the lockdown? Nobody has yet done an assessment of how COVID-19 has impacted the nation’s weight. However, when I did a mini-research ...

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