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Are your bones strong enough?

I spoke to my friend and colleague in one the other day that her partner broke her wrist. It may not appear to be such a problem but …

Not only her partner found out through X-rays and more checks that her bones were brittle, what’s more within less than a week her partner got sacked from work due to the injury.

What shock to them! The whole family suddenly got affected… and they even didn’t see it coming.


What are the statistics?

1 in 5 people between 50 and 59 have painful osteoarthritis in one or both knees1


1 in 5 in women and men will break a bone due to osteoporosis.2

However, my friend found out that the statistic for women in actually 1 in 2!


Maintaining strong bones and healthy joints

in later years can make a big difference to your quality of life by keeping you on your feet and promoting independent living.

It’s been known for decades that supplementing your diet with various nutrients is an effective way of ensuring healthy flexibility and making you feel better all round.

Osteoarthritis is the most common for of arthritis and is often associated with significant disability and an impaired quality of life for the 10 million in the UK who visit their GP with joint pain each year and the six million people who suffer from painful osteoarthritis of the knees.3


What can help?

When I did a short survey myself in the area where I live I got an interesting data.

Nearly everyone told me that they need to eat more dairy products…


I searched on the internet and came across a discussion.

A reader in the Mail asked this question: “Up until last February I was a vegan for five years since I have reintroduced dairy into my diet in the form of cheese mainly I have suddenly began to have joint pain and literally extreme effort in getting out of bed in the morning as my back is almost seized, as painful it is.

I never had this when I was dairy free, also my number of colds has extensively increased.”

Someone answered

“Some alternative theories is that dairy does indeed thin the bones, we in the west drink more milk eat more cheese and yoghurts in the world but have a higher incidence of osteoporosis in the world.”

“Doctors seem to discourage dairy in the over 60’s but I would say well before that the damage has been done, so what could this mean?”

And the discussion with questions go on…


Daily Express, Thursday June 18th 2015, page 59.



My colleague and I have planned a couple of events for people who are interested in prevention and bone health.

A free webinar on WEDNESDAY 6th APRIL at 8 PM

– to reserve a seat please email me to receive the link.


Bone Density Health Day on SATURDAY 9th APRIL in the Natural Therapy Centre in Cosham

– to reserve a place email me or contact me direct.

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