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Can We Really Trust Universities to Teach Us Vital Life Skills?

Did you learn at college skills which helped you thrive in life?

With the rising cost of higher education and many graduates coming out with no placements people really question whether

Universities can deliver education that serves them to gain skills to survive in the modern world.

I myself gained higher education not only in the Czech Republic but in England too.

Back in Czech I read that the best education can be obtained in the West, in the United Kingdom in cities such as Cambridge or Oxford.

Then I came over to London and decided to study.

I chose a photography degree course, loved it, passed with flying colours but after my graduation I realized there was a lot more to life which I wasn’t taught.


Bear Grylls on his education experience

It was refreshing to read an article in the papers where Bear Grylls (42), the TV traveler and adventurer,

shared his opinion on the educational system he went through.

He studied at Eton and even there he wasn’t taught vital life skills to survive in today’s modern world.

He criticized the education system at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai.

He said he wanted to learn ways how to stay fit and eat a healthy diet and wished he had actually gained more knowledge about management, leadership and how to communicate.

Likewise he would appreciate to learn more about business, tax obligation and law systems.


One might have thought that such prestigious college would equip one with ALL the necessary skills, right?

Just curious if you did go to a private college, what was your experience?


My observation

Grylls claims, way too many colleges were focused at students that were academic or excellent at sport or who looked great.

He went to Ludgrove prep college in Berkshire prior to Eton, he said that Eton University has a solid focus on citizenship.

Another interesting thing which I have noticed too when speaking to my friends whose children are at St. Swithun’s and the Pilgrim’s in Winchester …

Private education seem to attract certain types.
If you have your children at private schooling do you feel they are taught skills that would equip them well for life?



Great at school — bad in life?


Grylls mentioned that some people he knows who had actually been “great at college” had really been “disaster in life”.

This is so true. I certainly know a few.

Do you know anyone in your circle of friends that would fit in this description?


Grylls in his own words


“I wasn’t very good at school, and I struggled a lot with confidence and everything but I look back now,

and I sit with my own kids and I wish that school taught them stuff that really helps them,” he said.

Would you also appreciate when you were younger to gain more confidence?

Do you believe confidence is necessary in life?


“I was never very good at maths, I’m still not very good at maths, but I’ve built a life, you know . . .

There’s stuff I wish people had taught me.

“I wish they had taught me how to keep fit, how to eat healthy food, how to lead a team, how to communicate with people.

I wouldn’t have minded even a bit of entrepreneurial stuff, or citizenship, all of this sort of stuff, a bit of tax, a bit of legal.

” He added: “I think school celebrates the good-looking guy, or the sporty guy, or the academic guy.

Life doesn’t care. It does not care.

And when I was at school, there were people who were brilliant at school who were often disasters in life because they missed the one thing that really matters in life, which is called the fight.

Have you developed a fight-like mentality?


Go for it!

“And the great people I know at life often struggled at school because it was the struggle that developed strength.

And my message always to kids who are shy, and not very confident at school is: go for it.”


I can’t agree more with him. I thought that the education in the West is whole lot better.

When was at University not only I wanted to know how to photograph, I wanted to learn how to make a living.

It would have been great if I actually develop business skills whilst studying.

(Instead I was advised after three years to go and do another year of Masters’ degree.).


In the UK as well as in Czech the focus in colleges is still to grow great employees rather than leaders.


How to handle risk

As an adventurer Grylls believes that it’s important to have some sort of risk when it comes to outdoor activities for kids.

He is the chief scout of the scouting movement.

“I think if you strip risk out of young people’s lives you kill that spirit. Risk is all around us, all of us every day. You empower kids when you teach them how to manage that risk.”

Have you learnt risk-taking skills to survive in the modern life?


More and more parents are home educate their children. I personally know a few.

They travel with them to different countries, learning different cultures, customs, connecting to people… These kids have completely different look at life.

Blogging as they go along. Making money as they go along.

Via: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/eton-failed-to-teach-me-vital-life-skills-claims-bear-grylls-2n6dwh022


What is the trend now?

The real learning curve started for me when I finished my education. Through circumstances and opportunities and entered the world of entrepreneurship.

I work with a mentor and a coach on projects and I learnt and continue to learn from them online.

I love the fact I don’t have to travel anywhere, I do it my own time. It’s very convenient and flexible.

When I have questions I communicate via Skype, Zoom or the phone!

This style of learning really suits me.

And I’m not the only one. The Millenium generation is not only very comfortable with such learning style but also very good at it.

What’s more, it’a a completely different ball game to learn from people who have done it, are successful and linked to successful people, are still actively engaged with their business and are thrilled to pass the knowledge further.

As we are leaving the industrial age and more and more embracing the information age, communication and learning new ideas what can get us closer to how we can improve the world, how we want to design our lifestyle, how we want to life and work and have that work-life-balance.


What skills would you like to learn now to move you forward in your life?

What life do you want to live?

Comment below 😉

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