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Can you suffer from possibility blindness?

We all have in our circle of friends, work colleagues, lectures or teachers who discourage us from what we want to do. True or false? They have not seen it done before therefore you can’t do it, they might think.

But you know deep inside that you at least would like to try to see what you can do.

I remember my teachers at secondary school. He told me that I’m not good enough to apply to a college I really wanted to go. Guess, what? I took a detour but graduated from that college some years later anyway!

I’ve been reading the book the Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor and the chapter From Possible to Probable really caught my attention.

Do you recognize that some people around you might be suffering from possibility blindness?

So check this out.

The physics of anatomy and experts concluded that the human body could not run a mile in under four minutes.

A physical impossibility, the scientists said.

Then along came Roger Bannister, who in 1954 seemed to have no qualms proving that it could in fact be run in 3:59:4. And once Bannister broke the imaginary barrier, suddenly the floodgates opened; scores of runners started besting the four-minute mark every year, each one faster than the next.

How fast does a human have the potential to run the mile – or swim the 100 –meter, or complete the marathon – today?

We honestly don’t know. That is why we hold our breath during every Olympic competition, to see if a new world record has been established.

The point is, we do not know the limit of human potential.

We don’t know the limits of our brain’s enormous potential to grow and adapt to changing circumstances. All we know is that this kind of change is possible.

Negative brains can be trained to see more possibility. The competitive edge is available to all who put in the effort.

So I’ve got quick question for you:

Can you see what is possible for you now you have not seen before?

Are you ready to break your own invisible barrier?

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