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“Cooked” sperm if you carry your phone in the pocket

I’ve known about the invisible danger of mobile phones for over 5 years. Since then I mentioned it to people I care the most about.  When I started living in with my boyfriend, (now husband) I used to tell him off nearly every evening to switch off his phone and to take it in the other room.

You may be thinking, that I’m over the top! So, what’s wrong with it?

Well, let the experts speak:

Men who keep their mobile phones in trouser pockets or on bedside tables at night may be damaging their chances of becoming a father.

Sperm levels and quality fell in men who kept their phones in their pockets during the day or within a foot or two of the body, a study found.

The results suggest that keeping a mobile phone so close to the body risked “cooking” sperm.

The findings have led one fertility expert to suggest that men should think about putting their phone s in the pockets of their jackets instead.

Genis Grudzinskas, a fertility consultant at Harley Street sand St Georges Hospital London, said:

“Men need to thing about their wellbeing and try to stop being addicted to their phones.”

“Do you need to keep the phone right next to you on the bedside table? Some men keep their mobile in their shorts or pyjamas in bed. Is that really necessary? 

The study, carried out in Israel suggested that talking regularly on a mobile phone for more than an hour a day and talking on the phone while was being charge doubled the likelihood of lower sperm concentration.

It also indicated that sperm concentration decreased to an abnormal level in men who carried their phone at a distance of less than 50 cm (20 in) from the groin.

Martha Dirnfeld, from Technion University in Haifa, said: ”We analysed the amount of active swimming sperm and the quality and found that is has been reduced. We think this is being caused by a heating of the sperm from the phone and by electromagnetic activity.”

Ariel Zilberlicht, a lead author of the report, said:” In light of the research finding it is certainly recommended:

  • to shorten the duration of call
  • not to carry the phone near the groin
  • not to sleep next to it
  • not to talk while it is being charged – in fact, it is better to turn it off while it is being charged
  • use a headset or hands-free kit whenever possible.

Fiona Mathews, lead researcher of that review, said: ”Just as you might change your diet you might want to change where you keep your phone.”

Via: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/health/news/article4696186.ece


Imagine what the phone is doing to our brain?

If you’d like to know more how to find a natural way to protect yourself and your loved ones in today’s modern world, I’ll share more with you.

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