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Do You Love Chocolate?

Me too!

Unlike the story in the famous book ‘Like Water For Chocolate’ ,

my story from the last weekend isn’t as romantic.

Last Saturday we had a friend over for dinner. After the meal we fancied something little to finish it off.

So we got out a box of chocolates. Nicely decorated,  small pieces sitting prettily in the box.

So we all had some.

Actually my friend ate a half of the box… I agree, a little foolish but he loves chocolate.

What happened next we could not believe!

Quite soon after my friend suddenly turned red in his face, his eyes turned red,  his heart pounding fast, his blood pressure started to rise and his stomach got painful.

He developed red rashes on his skin, swollen fingers on both hands… We took him out on the fresh air but that didn’t help.

I called my neighbour to borrow their monitor to test his blood pressure  – his BP was high.

So then we decided to call the ambulance and when the paramedics finally checked him , they couldn’t 100 percent figure what was wrong with him.

His sugar levels were high as if he was diabetic but he is not. To be on the safe side we took him to the local hospital.

The doctor’s ran a blood tests and ECG’s and asked us to stay for overnight observation, just to rule out a heart attack.

Finally got some sleep from about 4.45 am till 8.30 am. My friend was released next day with no further issues found.

As we were waiting in the hospital we were thinking about the cause of this incident.

The light bulb moment came when we recalled the paramedic asking whether my friend was diabetic.

But it wasn’t that but possibly due to a chemical somtimes used in chocolate – Tyrosine triggering symptoms very similar to an anaphylactic shock.

The list of negative side effects of this substance is quite long and includes abnormal heart rate, blood pressure changes, chest pain,

difficulty breathing, headaches, heart palpitations, joint pain, skin rashes, stomach aches…

A full list with more details: http://mentalhealthdaily.com/2015/08/02/l-tyrosine-side-effects-adverse-reactions-list/

What is the lesson in this?

Well, firstly, it really made me think how artificial ingredients in processed foods can make us react so quickly and get us out of balance!

Secondly, how toxic our environment is: what we breathe, drink, eat is affecting our most important thing – our health.

Tips to keep your body healthy:

  1. Definitely eat good quality chocolate as oppose to cheap ones!
  2. Don’t have too many in one go!
  3. Hydrate well!
  4. Eat organic food if you can!
  5. Have a good night sleep!

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  • Nancy

    February 01, 02 2017 12:15:52

    Great reminder to always be careful what we consume. I’m probably never going to give up chocolate but I will keep quality more in mind. We had some similar looking chocolates over the Christmas holidays but luckily I only ate 1 or 2 at a time. And didn’t feed them to my granddaughter! That would have been terrifying! Thanks for sharing!

    • Lucie

      February 03, 02 2017 09:55:48

      Thank you for your comment. Haha, you don’t have to give up chocolate, a good quality one has many health benefits. You’ve got to be aware of how much you eat in one sitting. Glad this post was useful for you! Have a great day!

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