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How to Eliminate Hay Fever Naturally

It is wonderful feeling the sun, seeing the trees blossom these days, but oh dear, for some of you this is season of annoyance. A lot of achooooooo! The pollen in the air is everywhere and you feel like the old antihistamine is not doing what it suppose to! I remember those days very well until I found a way to say good bye to hay fever and “yes  bring it on “to enjoying this beautiful season.

So I’m going to share a few things about hay fever and also give you 10 tips that you yourself can put into action straight away and feel hundred times better.

How does it feel to have hay fever?

  • Itchy eyes
  • Sneezing
  • runny or blocked nose
  • itchy back of the throat and roof of your month
  • Cough and occasional wheeze
  • Feeling tired

Who suffers from hay fever?

Believe it or not there is about 20% of the population. The worst seems to be teenagers and young children. You can experience symptoms at any age. My mum experienced the hay fever discomfort in her 40tees. My brother and I when we were kids. I hardly ever feel it but my brother still takes medications for it.

What is actually causing hay fever?

Hay-fever is primarily an allergy to plant pollen and mould spores. Usually it is a seasonal (typically mid-summer) issue however, it can go on till early September. Depending on the weather conditions, the pollen season starts, for the UK residents, along the warmer coasts of west Cork and Kerry beginning of May. Roughly a week later the south-western regions release pollen and by the end of May high pollen counts can be detected countrywide. (The ‘pollen count’ measures the amount of pollen in the air over 24 hours). Logically, high levels of pollen occur on warm, sunny and dry days. Low levels occur on wet, damp and cold days. That’s why most hay fever suffers welcome rain as all the dust and pollen get washed off. Pollen is released in the early morning and carried higher into the air by noontime. It comes down again to bother us later in the afternoon. Cities and busy urban areas stay warmer longer and therefore hold pollen longer. Mix this with atmospheric pollution from car fumes you may understand why you suffer more aggressive hay fever when working in the city or visiting the city than when you are in the countryside.

What can you do to eliminate hay fever?

  • Avoid locations of rich grass meadows.
  • Keep car windows and house windows closed during the peak pollen time
  • Use sunglasses
  • If you can, stay indoors in late morning and late afternoon
  • Don’t smoke and keep away from smokers (passive smoking aggravates all allergies)
  • Ask another person to cut your grass in the back garden
  • Pick seaside breaks for holidays as off shore winds blow pollen away
  • Download the App on your phone and check the live pollen updates in your area to help you avoid any misery
  • Get raw honey from the area where you live
  • Drink Jade Greenzymes – Green Barley Grass Juice.


Jade Greenyzmes particularly helped my friend Daniella and her son. A spoon a day mixed in water once sometimes twice a day and the symptoms disappear.

The following year (spring time) Daniella told me that she felt something was missing in her life. Seeing her friend suffering badly with the usual hay fever symptoms

made her realize that she didn’t have any of that.  Her son could enjoy playing with her friends outside without the sneeze, red eye and itchy thought.

She was pleased that the solution was so simple and so powerful.


Are you interested in trying it too?

If you are, here is my offer. If you want a sachet of the Jade Greenzymes, let me know, write me an email, write a comment below and I post you one for free. 🙂


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