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Executives are burning out daily


I went to see my friends last weekend and I tell you when I saw some of them they didn’t look too good.

So I asked them what was happening in their life.

“Work is too demanding and stressful!

I don’t’ know how long I can go on like this!

Some of my colleagues due to high stress aged so much over the time they’ve worked here!”

More and more companies have created such an incredibly stressful environment in which one requires to be constantly on the ball.

“But how long can you be under such pressure?” I asked

As it happened later the week I was in a coffee shop for a coffee and flicked through the newspapers and I came across the following article and couldn’t help but to share the survey with you. A bit of an inside what only friends but many others or even maybe yourself are going through on a daily basis!



Shattered? Stressed out? Close to burnout? Worried that you can go on like this for another six months, maybe less? You could be a director of a FTSE 350 company waking up at 6.30am to face a 13-hour working day.

In a rare glimpse of the often gruelling, albeit well-incentivised, lifestyle of top bosses, a fifth of directors surveyed for The Times have admitted to instantly checking emails before even getting out of bed in the morning.


More than a third reckoned that they cold perform at their best under their present workload for only the next one or two years.


Directors of the biggest public companies listed in London said they got by or an average of seven hours of sleep, but 37% said that they were not waking up refreshed in the morning.


The pressure on directors to take mobile device to bed could be driven by a sense of unfinished business, as 65% felt pressure to work at weekends and 92% responded to emails and messages at any time…


Via: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/business/article4627299.ece


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