Frail and exhausted and not even 40!
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Feeling exhausted and frail despite not being even 40?

Have you ever felt exhausted and frail way too frequently? And you are not even 40 or just over 40? Well, you are actually not alone. An article in the Times recently (from Thursday 14th June 2018) shared a study in which they found that quite a lot of males and females are growing old and frail in their forties and fifties having symptoms normally associated with the elderly. Isn’t it scary experiencing health issues pretty much 20 to 30 years earlier?

What does it feel like?

The health problems are for example: weakness, exhaustion and slow movement and this was found in persons as young as 37.

What stuck me in particular was that if such a person ignores the above health symptoms they are more likely to die within seven years! SEVEN YEARS! Can you imagine? And it’s not about looking hunched forward and having wrinkly skin that clings to the bones!

Common knowledge!

The researches found that 52 per cent of the examined who were judged as frail were also obese and 20 per cent were smokers. Nothing new really! Don’t you think?

It is common knowledge, right? If you are obese and you smoke you have to expect to have a poor quality of life and kind of go earlier.

To help you lose weight, there is tons of help out there. So it’s not so much about finding ways how to do it but actually stick to a plan and be disciplined. Same with smoking! Common knowledge (again) in terms of what to do but not common practice!

But I’d like to through something else in the mix which is making people tired, exhausted and feel ill

and that is our bodies are under stress. Here I don’t mean work/financial stress (although that is a big one too). I mean stress on our body from electromagnetic frequencies.

You may ask: but Lucie what this has to do with me feeling exhausted?

Well, a lot actually. There is more and more information coming out warning us to get more aware about it.


But how am I affected by EMF (electromagnetic frequencies?

– If you use the microwave in the morning to quickly warm your breakfast for you or your kids

– if your check your phone for news, FB updates etc while eating your breakfast,

– if you use the (electric) car or other means of transport – underground, train, plain, buses – apart from the underground there is wifi.

– if you are in the office – there is a wifi,

– if you are in front of the computer however long you are likely to be hooked to wifi….

Wherever you look you see pylons, telephone masts sticking out from just about every corner of a tall building or every hill in the country side…

You and I are affected by micro waves 24/7. None of us would put a head straight in the microwave oven but that’s exactly what’s happening…

Hey, I get it, I’m using computer too and browse the internet. It’s very much part of the 21st century living.

But our lifestyle doesn’t have to be at the cost of our health or health of our children. There are ways what you can do to eliminate the exposure to it. But I come to that.


But I can’t be without my mobile phone?

I get that. Let me just share a piece of research about 4G.

4G is “tremendously powerful and has faster bandwidth that provides lightning-fast service to mobile internet users,” says Priya Viswanathan, a researcher who has studied the health effects of the new technology.

“While 4G bestows many more conveniences than 3G ever could, it comes with potentially very dangerous health issues as well,” she writes.

Telecoms such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are “well aware” of the claims of health advocates but are “more interested in their own profit margins,” she says.

There has been a video created to gather plenty of information about this issue.

Take a look at a trailer.

And it’s going to get worse! 5G is soon coming into our neighbourhoods!

Schools are recognising wifi as an issue. Some countries in Europe have banned wifi in schools. Why? Here you can read more.

If you think this is still not enough information for you. Check this out.


A book that changed my understanding

I came across a really interesting book by Dr Robert Becker called Cross Currents, The perils of Electropollution, The Promise of Electromedicine. Ok, I’d like to say this is not a book by someone who’s written it in a day and become a bestseller on Amazon overnight! You know what I’m trying to say. He’s someone who has written a number of books and an expert in his field.

Let me briefly quote the content for you.

In this ground-breaking book you learn about the electromagnetic fields radiating from power lines, radar, microwave ovens, VDTs, satellites, radios, and even electric blankets and how they are putting our health at serious risk. Researchers are finding that this radiation correlates with increases in cancer, birth defects, depression, learning disabilities, chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer’s, AIDS, and sudden infant death syndrome.

Robert O Becker explains how new and non-traditional healing techniques such as acupuncture, homeopathy, visualization, hypnosis, and electrotherapy work through an invisible common source–the body’s electrical system. He also offers practical ways to protect ourselves in our homes and offices from the hazardous effects of electromagnetic pollution and teaches us how to engage the healing energies of electromagnetism.

Dr. Becker’s powerful synthesis reshapes the future of medicine by putting life energy into our medical perspective and enabling us to see the body in its total living environment–the earth’s electromagnetic field.


The New Plaque

I particularly would like to draw your attention to the chapter 11 called the New Plaque. It describes the electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome. How chronic fatigue, AIDS, Autism, Sudden Infant Dealth Synddrome (SIDS), Alzheimers Disease, Parkinsons Disease, Cancer and Mental Diseases are connected to the EMF overload.

I’ve personally met a few people with the diseases stated above (apart from AIDS).

What about you? Do you know anyone? Or do you experience any of the dis-eases yourself?


What’s going to help?

The thing is whether you agree with it or not, it’s happening. The high frequencies are here 24/7 whether you and I like it or not. What’s more, you cannot exercise your way out of it, you cannot eat your way out of it…!! No lotions of potions will help.

But what will then? I give you a clue.

In the book, the chapter 7 called The Natural Electromagnetic Field you find your answers.

We can only fight like with like – meaning if we are surrounded with man made electromagnetic pollution the opposite is natural magnetism.

If we spend a lot of time in offices, bombarded with pollution –  we have to turn to nature to recoup.

Ah yeah, great but my lifestyle is so busy I don’t have time to go to the Lake Districk to walk bare feet on the peaks, while breathing a fresh air and enjoy a digital detox for the weekend or more! Or go to India and meditate in an Ashram….!

Hey, I know. I live on this planet too. But there is good news!


Get wired again

  • To get you started, use a wire to connect the Internet.
  • Use head phones or a loud speaker if you are using a mobile phone.
  • Make sure you don’t put your phone in your pocket near your heart, breasts, private parts.
  • use a wired mouse and keyboard.

But there is a lot more you can do and become more proactive now and not taking chances or waiting for research to prove it thirty years down the line when it might be too late…

You know what I’m saying…


If you want to know what I’ve personally tested and been using for a few years and what has helped my husband’s chronic fatigue to go away, and even our baby is using it(!),  reach out to me. Something that is simple, easy to use, effective and fits neatly into every day busy life.

Some information via:


Have you found these tips useful? If yes, feel free to share it and comment below.

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