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Feeling stressed or depressed? Relax! It’s the “new normal”!!

Have you been feeling stressed or depressed recently? I’ve met recently a few young people that are challenged in this way. There has been plenty information pointing to this issue. I didn’t realize myself about the scale of this until I read an article in the Times recently that revealed some research. Take a look what is going on around us…


The Times reports today that depression, anxiety and chronic stress have been accepted as “the new normal” by large swathes of the population, according to a study showing that many never even try to seek help.

 Of those who experienced severe stress, more than half (55%) did not seek support, while 48% with anxiety suffered in silence. More people are taking action on depression, possibly because it is much more widely discussed, with treatments more advanced. However, just under one third who experienced common symptoms in the past year did not ask for support.

 Of those who have personally experienced a mental health condition,

one in three say that they have recovered and a similar proportion say that their condition is being managed effectively. However, one in five say that they do not feel that they are getting the correct treatment.

 Via: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/depression-and-stress-is-new-normal-5bvk885jz  You can also read the article in full at The Times  Last published on 10 May 2016


But why is it accepted as a norm? What is contributing to so many feeling in such way? Is there anything else apart from the thing readily available from the chemist or the docs?


If you have been asking yourself these questions and you have been seeking more holistic approach to help either yourself or people you care about the most, get in touch with me.

This is how it’s solved…



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