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Foods that Support Immune Function – part 3

If the past two blog posts were interesting for you. Then here is another instalment, last part how you can strengthen your immunity now.

“Recognized by science as the most nutritious of all plant foods. ”

In last week’s blog, we talked about different foods that can either support or hinder our body’s immune system and highlighted a special medicinal mushroom complex.

Take care of your gut

Many doctors say that our gut health is the base of our Immune system, and unless we are thoughtfully eating and nourishing our gut, it’s easy to understand how we might get off-track.

Why is our gut so important?

Our gut is under constant attack. It’s common knowledge that the microbiome that lives in our intestines which makes up our gut flora, has a significant impact on our immune health. Comprised of nearly 100 trillion live microorganisms, our gut biome protects us from infection, creates barriers guarding us against toxic invaders, and promotes healthy gastrointestinal function. Our microbiome also regulates metabolism and immune system function. It is thought that these microorganisms make up as much as 75% of our total Immune System.

What do you eat and drink matters

It stands to reason that if we want a healthy immune system, we need to provide it with the right environment and fuel for healthy gastrointestinal microbiota. There are foods that support and some that have detrimental effects on our immune efficiency.  If you eat a lot of foods and beverages high in sugar or refined carbohydrates, which the body processes as sugar, you may be reducing your body’s ability to ward off disease.

Foods and drinks that compromise your immune system include:

  • Processed foods

  • Foods and drinks high in sugar

  • Refined carbohydrates

  • Alcoholic beverages

Eating or drinking too much sugar curbs immune system cells. This effect lasts for at least a few hours after downing a couple of sugary drinks or eating high sugar content foods.

More tips on what foods to eat

Eat more fruits and vegetables, which are rich in nutrients like vitamins C and E, plus beta-carotene and zinc. Immune system support foods include almonds, bell peppers, broccoli, citrus fruits, dark leafy vegetables, garlic, kiwi fruit, green tea, medicinal mushrooms, and barley grass.

Barley Grass is king

  • The benefits of barley grass include a high fibre content (both soluble and insoluble), vitamins and minerals like selenium and magnesium, antioxidants called lignans, plus heart health and diabetes protection are just some of the barley nutrition benefits that make it one of the best whole grain choices.
  • Barley Grass Juice Powder is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and minerals such as iron, calcium, copper, chromium, potassium, magnesium, selenium and phosphorus.
  • Barley grass is rich in functional ingredients, such as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), flavonoids, saponarin, lutonarin, superoxide dismutase (SOD), tryptophan, chlorophyll, dietary fibre, polysaccharide, alkaloid, metallothioneins, polyphenols and eight essential amino acids.
  • Barley Grass Juice Powder has been shown to strengthen the immune system, alkalinize the body, increase energy, aid digestion, relieve constipation, and improve the health of skin, hair and nails.

Feel free to contact me to find our what my husband and I have been taking for years with great success.

The Nature’s Perfect Food

Called “nature’s perfect food,” barley grass is said to have more nutrition than an equal serving of any other vegetable. The barley grass in Nikken’s organic Jade GreenZymes® is beneficial in helping balance pH, supporting a strong immune system, and assisting in maintaining blood glucose levels that are already in the normal range.

How the Wellness Home can help you?

The Nikken Wellness Home contains many immune support foods within the Nikken Wellness supplements. Our next Healthy by Choice class will be on Tuesday, April 14th at 6 pm PDT. We will be discussing ways to support our immune systems highlighting particular type of barley grass.

To join the broadcast click this link and follow the prompts www.theroyalalliance.com/live, see you on Tuesday.

Please contact me for a recording.

If you’d like to take what I’ve been taking together with my husband for a decade, reach out to me. I can also give you a tip on how you can make a facial super mask with that!

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