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Golden rules that pay well to follow

First week of March is behind us. How are you doing? Being an entrepreneur or starting once own business is not only about having a great idea. One really needs to know a few rules and religiously following them in order to expect success. A friend of mine has recommended “the UK entrepreneur who’s been there and done it” – Nigel Botterill to me. The reason why I listen to her and asked advice in the first place is because she has built a successful business and has been winning one award after the other. It’s great bouncing ideas of people who actually have some experience under their belts… I’ve read Nigel’s book some time ago and I love his practical rules that I keep in check myself. Most of them I knew from my mentor or my own experience. But if you need to really build a momentum, this is great help.

Here they are:

  1. Take 100% responsibility
  2. Who you hang around with matters. A lot.
  3. Residual income is a beautiful thing…
  4. Attitude is everything …
  5. Deadlines get stuff done
  6. Good is good enough.
  7. Become a ‘marketer’ not a doer.
  8. To get high income, just get more done…
  9. Follow up, follow up, follow up …
  10. Exploit the web fully – ‘cos most people aren’t!
  11. Most people in your industry or sector are wrong …about everything.
  12. Getting and keeping customers – your first job every day.
  13. I think big. Most people thing small. This gives me a distinct advantage.
  14. There is no status quo.
  15. Make money or make excuses – but you can’t do both.
  16. S**t happens – and it always will.
  17. Give customers the chance to buy a premium-priced product.
  18. Pay-per-click one the most powerful business tools ever…
  19. No one cares as much as you …
  20. Bite-sized goals are good.
  21. You’ve got to stop the sabotage …
  22. The power of testimonials.
  23. Working ON your business not in it!
  24. Social media is changing everything.
  25. Good offers make you money …
  26. Only lazy, incompetent business owners don’t know how well each bit of their marketing works …
  27. Your most valuable asset – bar one – is your database.
  28. Speed matters.
  29. The single biggest thing you can do …


Ideas taken from a book “Botty’s Rules. 29 Success secrets from the UK entrepreneur who’s been there and done it. By Nigel Botterill


This is a great check list, don’t you think?

How are you doing in each and one of the points?

Are you doing ok or does some need work?


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