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Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year! Last year may not have been a great one for you. But let’s see if this one can be even a better one. It’s all down to planning, did you know? So what do you want to achieve this year? And let’s do it differently so you are not disappointed when looking back. Did you know that 80% of new year’s resolutions don’t it pass mid of February?

Is it realistic?

Human nature rebels against being told what to do, even if we’re doing the telling ourselves! In fact, we make more unreasonable demands on ourselves than anyone else—many of us want to be someone other than who we are—perhaps we want to be super mom/dad or be the employee of the year or the businesswoman or man of the year. Maybe we want to lower our cholesterol without medication or fend off diabetes… To increase our chances of achieving our resolutions, the question we need to ask is, “Is it realistic?”

Do you plan or wish for achieving your goal?

The most common resolutions are related to getting healthier and be more physically active. For example, we want to get in shape, then stay fit and healthy. We, therefore, resolve to exercise more, eat healthier food, get more quality sleep and reduce stress. Theoretically, these are good resolutions. However, year after year, we may not achieve our fitness/wellness goals. Why do we continue to make the same resolutions without a plan of attack?

Plan it and you are a halfway there!

Once a plan and actual steps are implemented, the easier it is to perform daily, weekly and monthly.  At the end of the year, chances are you will have done better at keeping your resolutions and achieving your goal. In addition, to put together a real and do-able plan to achieve your resolutions, there’s another way to help accomplish our goals. The National Community Service reports that people who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability and lower rates of depression later in life.2


Because volunteering is service-oriented and is outside of our own regular lives, it allows us to meet a variety of people. Increasing social interactions, especially when it helps others, leaves us with a good feeling of accomplishment. This feeling stimulates a positive attitude that helps us stay on course for Active Wellness. A study conducted by Harvard University showed that volunteers experience similar health benefits to those who exercise regularly.3 What’s more, you may meet new friends and buddies who help you be countable.

What else to do to stay on track?

But apart from volunteering is just one part of wellness and keeping well. Let me share with you a tip which I hope helps you to keep on track and something you can return to each quarter and of course at this time next year. One Japanese philosophy taught me to look at my life and divide my life into five areas. We call them five pillars of wellness.

Why wellness?

The reason for using the word Wellness is because it inherently connotes well-being, whereas health involves potential illness and therefore, a possible cure. My colleagues and I, we help people with Active Wellness, achieving and maintaining well-being, never in curing or healing illness. Living Active Wellness Lifestyle is an ongoing process that can always be improved upon.

Let’s get practical!

Take a pen and paper and do this exercise for yourself. Draw a circle and divide the circle into 5 equal pies as if you are cutting a cake. And each piece gets a name; starting with the mind, then the body, family, society and last finances. Write as much about each – what you luck and what you’d like to improve.

Be in tune with Nature to have a healthy mind & body

For example: For our mind and body we need Nature. Nature doesn’t need us. So much time would you like to spend in nature daily? What’s more, we need to be good to Nature and help preserve her. In other words, the environment doesn’t need saving—it has been around for ages and will survive with or without humans. We, however, need the environment to support our well-being, so we are responsible for keeping it clean. We are responsible for being respectful of Nature for our own survival. What can you do to contribute to that? Recycle more, use less electricity, water, less social media, more time for yourself, more walks etc?

The family pillar

The Family Pillar translated literally from the Japanese, really should be the “Relationship” Pillar. Families are doubtless the most important segment of all the relationships we choose to build or maintain over the years. Relationships are more far-reaching, so do not limit yourself to your family when building this pillar. Think about how you’d like to spend more quality time with the people you love.

The society pillar – back to volunteering

The Society Pillar in Japanese literally means “contributions.” There are people everywhere who need your help, which means there are infinite opportunities to serve. Opportunities often lead to creating more wealth so it can mean better finances for yourself – the finances pillar. You can share yourself, as you are the actual contributor to the people you interact with. In the words of the founder of this wonderful Japanese company, “You are irreplaceable because you are you.” 

What is your legacy?

Have you thought of that? What do you want your legacy to be? What I do, I share the ideal of Humans Being More. I share it but I don’t supply it. In other words, each individual has to commit to being more. It is a personal choice proven by positive behaviour and service. We can role model it—that is a worthy legacy. What else can you add to build your legacy this year?

Happy New Year 2020!

I wish you a wonderful 2020! Let it be a strong, more loving, more prosperous & successful, healthier and happier one filled with amazing people to share our journeys! Remember, “Our past doesn’t define us. It provides lessons for the future.” So if you would like help to be on track or the initial kick in the right direction, connect with me. Let’s have a (free) call and move you forward! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!






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