Have you Gained Weight When Staying during a lockdown?
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Have You Gained Weight When Staying at Home?

Have you personally lost or gained weight during the lockdown? Nobody has yet done an assessment of how COVID-19 has impacted the nation’s weight. However, when I did a mini-research in my circle of friends, and most of them actually did put on weight. Including myself. (LOL) I went from discovering being pregnant to—be eight months pregnant. But there are reports that some people are losing weight. John Morton, MD, MPH, MHA, medical director of bariatric surgery at Yale-New Haven Health System, says he has seen patients in telehealth appointments who have gained five, 10 and even 30 pounds.1 And that’s pretty awesome, don’t you think?

Not great conditions

In fact, the global pandemic has disrupted life in major ways: Gym and park closures have upended exercise routines, parents have had to work at home while teaching their children, and elective medical checkups have been postponed, whereas updates on blood pressure, AC1 and cholesterol numbers would have been the motivation to think about weight.

Personally, if I may share our journey, we had a great time as my husband and I took turns to work and look after little one and established regular time to have three meals a day and one snack time in the afternoon. We cooked meals from scratch with all kind of vegetables, mainly what has been in season. What also is important for me to share, according to the Ayurvedic principles, we (adults) had the biggest meal at noon. My husband allocated time to exercise in his outdoor gym. My son taking part – that was great fun to watch. I got into a habit to take one hour walk with my son pretty much every day.

All the reasons for weight gain

WebMD readers in the U.S. cited a number of reasons for their weight gain in a poll conducted on May 17. About 72% reported a lack of exercise. About 70% said they’ve been stress-eating. An overwhelming 59% said both a lack of exercise and stress eating was a problem, and 21% attributed it to extra alcohol consumption. The same poll conducted among international readers on May 18 found 73% cited lack of exercise, 35% stress eating, and 17% to drinking more alcohol.2

What was the trigger for you? Please share below.

What I heard from those around me, was that people started to drink more alcohol regularly!

Having a purpose for weight managment

Purpose gives direction, and it helps when it comes to weight management. A few pounds short term may not make a difference. It could be fluid. It might be just a little weight gain while we establish new routines. Obviously, the more weight we gain and the longer it’s maintained, the more it affects our health.

Eating habits established in childhood

According to the Mayo Clinic, for example, it’s been shown that children’s weight tracks to some extent. If children establish those habits, or lack of healthy habits when they’re young and they gain weight, that might persist as they go into adolescence and adulthood.3 This is a great time to role model healthy eating habits. In fact, cooking can be a family affair and a source of quality time.

Weight matters to those with underlying conditions

With adults, it’s more important for some people than others to manage weight. Weight gain of a few pounds can hurt people who have diabetes or high blood pressure, as the extra weight can increase their blood glucose and blood pressure.4 So, it’s important to establish new habits that help maintain a healthy weight even when we are sequestered at home.

Here are a few tips on keeping unwanted poundage off by practising Active Wellness:

• Create a daily routine. Include wake-up time, bedtime and mealtimes. Even if you are working at home now, adhere to a schedule.

• If you are home more than usual, take the time to learn about healthy foods and do more cooking. Restaurant food is generally higher in calories but when you’re the cook, you can focus on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

• Control your portions. Practice eating until you’re 70% to 80% full.

• Eat proteins first because they will make you feel full. Too many carbohydrates can cause swings in blood sugar.

• If you simply do not cook and have no interest in it, resist ready-made processed foods. Instead, choose a healthy meal replacement drink (a protein share) at least once daily. It’s high in plant protein, MCTs and sweetened with all-natural, zero-calorie monk fruit. Connect with me for my recommendation what we’ve been taking with successful results. In my case, to give me extra vitamins and minerals to put on weight healthily. For my husband – to keep him lean.

• For those with finicky children, keep offering fruits and vegetables but don’t add more stress if they refuse them. There is something yummy I’d like to recommend. it’s an alternative that delivers four recommended daily servings of vegetables and fruits in one single scoop.

• Schedule regular exercise. Exercise is not the main factor for weight loss, but it plays a role in keeping weight off as well as helping loosen stiff joints. Remember the simple rule that fewer calories consumed than expended are what produces weight loss. There are many ways to exercise at home.

• Get a good night’s sleep. Those who do not get restful sleep tend to gain weight!

• Decide how to manage stress. Meditation, prayer, yoga, listening to soothing music, playing a musical instrument, reading, etc. It all depends on what relaxes you best. Enjoy the time you have at home and stay healthy and active!



3,4 https://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/packing-on-pounds-during-covid-19-and-how-to-turn-it-around/

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