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How Color Can Increase Your Overall Wellness

Have you ever thought that colour can have an impact on your health? My 3-year-old’s favourite colour is orange. I know this because he prefers to eat orange fruit, wear orange clothes and will always choose the orange popsicle when offered a variety of other flavours. Orange makes him happy and puts him in a good mood. Is this a coincidence or is there more at play here?

Colours impact health

Psychologists and scientists have long believed that colours can impact your mood, sleep, energy and eating habits. It’s called colour psychology or colour therapy. And you can use it to create a wellness plan for yourself1.

Colour therapy for your benefit

Colour therapy uses the benefits of different colours and shades to affect your wellbeing. As each colour has a unique light wavelength, the colour therapy principles use the energy of each shade to boost your mental and physical health.

Red and pink colours

are linked to your blood, circulation and breathing. Use these colours to help raise your pulse, blood pressure and the speed that you breathe, and strengthen your veins. Wearing red or pink for a high energy workout could improve your results. Red is also linked to feeling of passion, so keep a red outfit at the ready for date nights!


as one of the warmest tones, notably resembles the colour of the sunset – one of nature’s most calming and peaceful gifts. Watching a spectacular sunset can rebalance your joy, optimism and wisdom. Orange is also said to inspire creativity and enthusiasm.


is the most intense colour in the spectrum. This colour can make you feel happier. It can bring out your intelligence and wisdom. It’s also said to bring energy and encourage action. Yellow flowers can brighten your day and uplift you!

Green colours

have a harmonious, calming effect. This is why many people choose to have plants in their homes and on their desks at work. And, when you’re indoors for a prolonged period of time, you know the exhilarating feeling of getting out into nature with the greenery.


also encourages relaxation and calm, which is why it’s such a popular colour on the walls of a bedroom. Many people prefer to choose blue mats to practice yoga or daily meditation. Stronger shades of blue support the brain’s thought processes, while lighter shades help improve concentration2.

Purple and indigo colours

are beneficial for problems with the eyes, ears and nose, while more violet shades of purple with a pink tone can help relax your muscles and nervous system. Violet colours are also useful when meditating.


is often regarded as colour of authority and power3. If you’re looking to take charge this is the colour you should be gravitating to.

There’s a whole world of colour out there! Embrace what it means and how it can improve your overall active wellness.

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My Challenge To You

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