How to celebrate Valentine's Day? Ideas and tips
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How Different Countries Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

The History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is February 14th.  It’s a day of romance and proclamations of love. People from countries around the world exchange approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards (every year). Did you know that? What’s more, this day is the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas?Valentine’s Day doesn’t actually come from North America as you may think. It was already popular in the Middle Ages. But written declarations didn’t appear until after 1400. The oldest known valentine, that still exists today, was a poem by the Duke of Orleans to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. It’s now part of the manuscript collection of the British Library in London, England.Interesting, isn’t it?

How different countries celebrate Valentine’s Day

  • In the Philippines, it’s a day for mass weddings where hundreds and even thousands get married in union. These huge events are sometimes sponsored by the government as a public service.3
  • In Bulgaria, they celebrate St. Trijon Zarezan day on February 14. Known as Winemakers Day, couples toast their love with a glass or two of wine from local vineyards.4
  • In both Japan and South Korea, women give men gifts on Valentine’s Day. Men return the gesture on White Day, giving women gifts that are white as a sign of pure love.5
  • In France, in the “village of love” in St. Valentin, marriage proposals take place quite often between February 12 and 14. The village decks their houses in roses and covers trees with love note.6
  • In Ghana, February 14 is National Chocolate Day. As one of the world’s largest cocoa producing countries, the day is meant to boost tourism with chocolate themed menus, exhibitions and talks.7
  • North Americans often give jewellery, flowers and chocolate to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

So, how are you going to celebrate 14th February? Or if not what are you planning to do? Please comment below.

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