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How is Your Sleep Disrupted due to Facebook & Twitter

Now, tell me honestly did you stay up late at night because you just got sucked into checking people’s profiles or watching interesting videos? There is so much information just a click away that is hard to put it down, isn’t it? BUT, your Sleep suffers BIG time! Let me share more with you.

  • Obsessively checking up on Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites for updates really does disrupt sleep, a new study warned.
  • Staying up late to update their profiles, post pictures on Instagram or getting involved in contentious discussion on Facebook may arouse emotions and make them unable to relax may to be blame.
  • The bright lights from tablets and smartphones could disrupt the body clock.
  • Alternatively University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine scientists said those who cannot sleep may surf sites to while away the hours until they can fall asleep.

Hmmm, it’s catch 22, isn’t it?

Assistant vice chancellor for health and society Associate Professor Dr Brian Primack said: “It also may be that both of these hypotheses are true.

“Difficulty sleeping may lead to increased use of social media, which may in turn lead to more problems sleeping.

The sleep assessment showed that nearly 30 per cent had high levels of sleep disturbance.

The findings could help guide GPs to question a person’s social media habits when assessing their problems in sleeping.

Psychologist Dr Jessica Levenson added: “This is one of the first pieces of evidence that social media use really can impact your sleep.

“And it uniquely examines the association between social media use and sleep among young adults who are, arguably, the first generation to grow up with social media.

Via: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/sleep-disrupted-after-youre-glued-7255136


So when it’s going to be the last moment in the evening you check your social media today? Feel free to comment below.

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