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How Occupational Therapy Can Help Overall Well-Being?

Buttoning a shirt… Tying shoelaces or a necktie… These are some of the things we may take for granted but are actually “meaningful activities” because they are everyday aspects of life and impact the quality of our lives and wellbeing.  Sometimes a life event might transform these everyday activities into goals. Since 2010, World Occupational Therapy Day (celebrated on 27th October)  helps people across their lifespans to do the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of daily activities.1

Taking things for granted

We might not think about these daily activities until they’re become more difficult to do. My son, at the spring season of his life, is learning how to tie shoe laces and wipe himself, finds it tricky. When we reach the winter season of our life, we may find it equally challenging. Finding ways for us to do them at later stage of life is what occupational therapists are concerned with.2 An occupational therapist will talk with us about our needs and goals. They’ll do tests to find out our strengths and challenges, then come up with a plan to reach our goals. This will include exercises and activities to strengthen our skills. While the word “occupation” usually means a job or profession, it can also refer to daily activities that let us live independently and bring meaning to our lives.

Holistic approach to maintaining mobility throughout life

The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) is the international voice of the profession and globally comprises 101 national organizations. World Occupational Therapy Day is the opportunity to promote their holistic approach to maintaining mobility throughout life. Occupational therapists focus on adapting the environment and/or task to fit the person, who is considered an integral part of the therapy team. It is an evidence-based practice deeply rooted in science.3

Be You

This year’s theme for World Occupational Therapy Day is “Belong. Be You.”4 OTs (as occupational therapists are known for short) do just that: help us belong in our Global Wellness Community by being ourselves, as purposeful participants in Active Wellness.

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How can I help you or your loved ones?

You may be thinking how this theme applies to you. And where you can find help. Recently you might have notice that certain daily activities you started to struggle with and each week/months is getting harder to perform them – typing on a keyboard, bending for something, standing for longer periods – leafleting etc… Or you know someone in your family or at work who is challenged. Why not share some information with them. Or simply looking beautiful and slowing down ageing. Or you know kids that are hyper active and need calming down? ….Why not watching the short testimonial below.

Testimonial – hear it from someone else

how not to get old and/or not getting worse

And there is thousands of health stories similar to this one. Let me help your or your loved ones enjoy life without challenges or diminishing their challenges. Feel free to share this post and my contact details. Thank you.

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