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How Sugary Diet and Poor Sleep are linked to Weight Gain

Have you ever felt tired the moment you opened your eyes and you found yourself snacking on sugary drinks and foods all day long? These little treats which make us feel so good actually can affect how well we sleep later on. And there is a link between poor sleep and weight gain. Don’t believe me? Check this one out!

The researchers made an interesting link between sugary diet and sleep deprivation.

Most of us know that consuming high amounts of sugar can increase our risk of obesity and diabetes,

yet many of us still find it difficult to cut down on the sweet stuff. According to a team of researchers, our inability to ditch sugary snacks and drinks may have a lot to do with our sleep patterns.

The researchers found that when we are sleep deprived we are more likely to crave sweet food than when we’re fully rested.

Unfortunately, they also found that high consumption of sweet food was linked to poor quality sleep, meaning it’s easy for us to get trapped in a negative cycle. Citing a previous study in the Journal of Sleep Disorders: Treatment & Care, the researchers said that people who sampled a high sugar diet found, it had a negative impact on their sleep. In fact, young people (those most likely to have a high calorie, high sugar diet) were most likely to report short durations of sleep.

Hormone out of balance

The researchers found the production of leptin – a hormone that reduces hunger and peaks during sleep – is decreased when sleep is decreased.

While leptin decreases hunger, a hormone called ghrelin increases hunger. A reduction in sleep was also found to increase ghrelin release through the body, causing us to crave sweet, salty and typically calorific foods. Unfortunately that’s just one side of the sleep/sugar cycle.

Hormone changes when gaining weight

The scientists also found hormonal changes that occur due to weight gain were likely to make individuals feel more hungry than they would otherwise. In turn, the greater calorie intake would cause them to experience inadequate sleep.

High calorie Diet makes you sleepy

“However, scientists have also shown that our diet can be important for sleep too. There is evidence that both adults and children who eat high calorie diets are more likely to sleep less.” Dr Nerina Ramlakham, Silentnight’s resident sleep expert said: “What is interesting from the research is that we see how quite quickly the relationship between sugar and sleep can become a negative cycle – with what we put into the body disrupting our sleep patterns, we are then kept awake and our body begins to crave all the things which keep us awake.

“Sugar can cause more restlessness and hyperactivity, especially if you’re a sensitive sleeper so best to minimise it.

“I would encourage people to break the cycle with a low sugar, or better still sugar free, drink before bed.

So if you want to lose weight, watch what you eat. Make sure you don’t self sabotage yourself, get enough sleep so you don’t snack on the wrong stuff, be happy.

Via: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2016/01/15/how-sugar-inhibits-sleep-and-causes-weight-gain_n_8987872.html

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