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How to Boost Your Immunity During an Epidemic?

Have you been wondering what You can do to keep healthy these days? In last week’s blog, I talked about really focus on hygiene – washing hands more frequently. Today I focus on how to strengthen your immune system. Let’s face it, if your immune system is strong, nothing can bring you to your knees! So, let me go straight to the point.

Have you heard of Lactoferrin?

Lactoferrin is a naturally occurring protein that is found in milk and the human body. It is a potent anti-microbial and modulator of the immune system. Lactoferrin helps kill bacteria and helps protect from infections and inflammation. Therefore, natural lactoferrin levels in our bodies rise during times of infections and inflammation.

Nikken’s KENZEN Lactoferrin 2.0® helps address the body’s need for iron: iron deficiency can result in anaemia, fatigue and poor circulation, as well as many other physical discomforts. Women are most vulnerable to iron deficiency and depletion, along with people who are very active. KENZEN Lactoferrin 2.0® is a great solution.

Lactoferrin is a protein.  Its main biological function is to help bind and transport iron, an essential mineral that helps haemoglobin carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. (You may have heard recently that one of the issues with the recent virus is struggling to breathe.) No matter how much iron is in your body, if it can’t be retained and utilized, you could end up deficient. You may eat lots of green, leafy vegetables, and / or lean red meat, which are natural sources of iron but it does not mean your body can absorb or process it.

KENZEN Lactoferrin 2.0® helps address this dilemma by supporting the body’s natural delivery system, helping the body to better utilize and balance the iron.* Studies have shown that because lactoferrin is naturally iron-binding, it has a positive effect on iron absorption, which in turn increases blood iron levels.

How Lactoferring 2.0® works?

KENZEN Lactoferrin 2.0® is also gentle on the digestive system, therefore supporting the gastrointestinal tract and all its functions. (I’m sure you’ve heard of the immunity and digestive system connection). Rather than adding elemental iron – the kind you find in virtually every iron supplement on the market – which has been shown to cause intestinal inflammation1, lactoferrin helps the body absorb what is already there without upsetting the stomach. It has been shown in clinical research to be more bioavailable, allowing for more efficient absorption of iron, compared to other iron sources.2

*Just take a look at the graph:


With KENZEN Lactoferrin 2.0®, you receive 200 mg of lactoferrin per capsule. It is also lactose-free and gluten-free with non-GMO lactoferrin and supported with four more organic anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

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(Published by Nikken)

As you can see the whole body is connected and as a whole, it has to be taken into account when keeping healthy. I suppose it’s like playing chess; you have an issue with one thing but other two-three things need to be dealt with first to help with what we wanted to improve in the first place.


My family has had great success with this supplement. In challenging times such as these, we take higher doses. The thing is, we notice when we run out that our bodies aren’t the same. The environment in which we live in these days isn’t as pristine as we would want hence we have to help the body to function well daily by supplying it daily with the right nutrients.

Lastly, if you don’t know about the gut health and immunity connection, I’ll share more info about it next time.

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