How to Combat 3 Spring Challenges This Season
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How to Combat 3 Spring Challenges This Season

Did you know that the spring officially started on March 20 in the Northern Hemisphere. Traditionally the spring season is physically a time of rebirth and renewal. Surprisingly, it’s also a challenging time for both the body and the mind. So I’m going to share with you a few tips how to tackle some spring challenges this season – how to look more beautiful and have more energy!

Do You Suffer From Spring Fever?

Did you know in Spring we have tendencies to feel depressed and have anxiety according to psychiatrist and substance abuse specialist Dr. McCance-Katz. Lengthening daylight may discombobulate our chemical regulatory system. “There are these different neurotransmitters that have been implicated in mood disorders,” she says. “It could be that people also have imbalances in serotonin, in melatonin, that are affected by day length and can also affect mood.”These imbalances are also suspected to cause that general feeling of lethargy, commonly referred to as spring fever.  In other words just feeling lifeless. Have you ever felt like that?

3 Tips to Combat Challenges in Spring

If you are self employed or run a business you know this very well – taxes are due. Therefore, stress levels increase during the season for filing taxes. If you have kids – final exams take place in many universities and secondary schools, certain sports resume intense practice.  Even “the suicide rate goes up too…”But, let’s look at the positives here and see what you can do to combat these challenges, shall we? The aim is you feel renewed, rejuvenated and beautiful!

  1. Look After your Skin

This is time when sun is coming out bit more, it’s getting warmer, nature is waking up and everything blossoms – be aware of spring blossom allergies. Also, there is sporadic rain and if you get caught in a rain shower, it can wreak havoc on the skin. So give more care to your skin. The bottom line is – the weather conditions may get your skin dehydrated, itchy and red. And this by the way, can happen to all skin types – whether you are black, asian, white or anything in between. Be particularly gentle while cleansing and conscientiously hydrate throughout the day – so make sure you drink consistently throughout the day pure, clean, mineralized, pH balanced water. (If you are looking to transform your tap water reach out to me for help). What’s more, your skin cells renew best at night so make sure you get good night sleep. (If this is an issue, reach out to me for help).  Antioxidant-rich vitamins E, A and C are particularly helpful in regenerating the skin. 3

  1. Eat According to the Season

Use your diet to help obtain that extra boost you need. Eat seasonal foods. You’d be surprised what difference that can make! Riverford organic fruit and veg are excellent for getting inspired what actually is in season. Such foods are fresher and therefore have much higher nutritional value. 4 To make sure you aren’t eating or drinking anything that may cause inflammation (pesticides, artificial coloring, chemical preservatives), so if you can choose organic fruits and vegetables.

  1. Stress Less

Stress can virtually be a killer, so exercise both physical and mental health care. Make sure to incorporate exercise into your busy spring days. Any physical activity is a known great stress reliever. Even 10 min a day will make a difference. Massage is also a way to practice Active Wellness as the muscles are coaxed into relaxation for sense of overall well-being. Find a moment for mediation for your mental health. You’d be amazed what observing your breath for 1 minutes can do for you.

Practical Tools For Every Day Use

If you’d like to learn how you can combat these three basic challenges of spring to be relaxed, renewed and regenerated.  There is a tool that takes the “ouch” out of expensive massage sessions with a convenient hand-held device. Supplementing your diet with wholesome food supplements is vital because even if you only eat organic foods there is no guarantee how much nutritional value they have. And lastly since it is so important to keep skin moisturized during the spring season, there is one moisturiser I’d recommend. So if you want to know my secret, reach out 🙂

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