How to create healthy eating habits
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How To Create Eating Healthy Habits?

Can you believe it? The first quarter of the year is behind us! From the heath perspective I’ve heard a lot of people around me really struggling with viruses and coughs, have you? What we eat and support your body with matters! Here are a few tips and ideas to help you create healthier habits.

March – the National Nutrition Month

March is (was) National Nutrition Month. This annual nutrition education and information campaign was created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The campaign, celebrated each year during the month of March, focusing on the importance of making informed food choices and developing healthy eating and physical activity habits.

What food to pick to stay healthy?

Making healthy food choices is a challenge for many of us. Think about it, one of the most important decisions we make each and every day is what we eat and drink. It is everyone’s Choice whether we pick healthy items or not. Recently I blogger about why it is important to limit sugar consumption. Be aware about artificial sweeteners in your diet too!

Survey reveals shocking results

The International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation conducts an annual Food and Health Survey to gauge consumer interest and knowledge of food and its health benefits The most recent survey showed some alarming results.

“As in previous years, the Food and Health Survey has shown that Americans feel overwhelmed by conflicting food and nutrition information,” said IFIC Foundation CEO Joseph Clayton. “But this year, we’re finding troubling signs that the information glut is translating into faulty decisions about our diets and health. As policymakers work to revise the Nutrition Facts panel and define ‘healthy’ on food labels, it’s more crucial than ever before that we empower consumers with accurate information based on the best available science, in terms they can easily understand and put into action.”

Are you also confused reading the labels?

What to eat and what to avoid can be confusing when you’re getting conflicting information from various sources. Food labels vary and advertisers search for loopholes. For example, sugar is disguised by alternative words such as fructose, sucrose, pure cane sugar, barley malt, dextrose, maltose and so on. It gets complicated… Learn about how to read labels.

Natural is best

The idea here is to bring the daily diet closer to nature. Ideally, most of your fresh fruits and veggies should come from local farmers markets or shops. If you have an allotment I bet you grown your own.  Do you taste the difference? I’m sure you do! Eating home-grown tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, green beans… seasoned with indoor/outdoor herb garden. Yammy! A great alternative is organic boxes such as Riverford or others delivered to your home – ideal for busy families or people in business. These days you can order a recipe box where all the ingredients is weights

I always encourage people to read ingredient lists and Nutrition Facts on any food products before purchasing them. I always advocate for organic-based nutrition with an emphasis on natural ingredients culled for their maximum antioxidant and nutrient values.

What are the 4 top benefits people want?

According to the IFIC, almost all consumers seek out health benefits from what they eat and drink. The top 4 benefits being:

  1. Weight Loss

2. Cardiovascular Health

3. Energy

4. Digestive health – the topic of 2019

Where do you take your advice from?

The IFIC has found that 59 percent of consumers rely most on their family and friends for dietary decisions. Given this inclination, each individual who consults with me now has the knowledge to educate an entire circle of family and friends on what to eat. Let me help you replace confusion with healthy, organic-based nutrition and tools. Maintaining optimum health doesn’t have to be complicated! Have fun and enjoy the warm feeling when you help someone  else. How can this get any better? One thing I would share here. Not every big company sharing healthy dietary advice is beneficial for your health. I spoke with a dietician and personal trainer recently and she also acknowledged that some advice out there is raising eye browse to say the least! Check this out: You can eat a whole bar of Marz chocolate but cannot have a whole avocado???

Reach out for a free consultation

If you want me to help you with your health goals please book a free consultantion. Not only I share tips to improve your lifestyle but also organic nutritional supplements that’s been my secret to maintain good health and they address all, of the above concerns.

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