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How to get stress under control?

In these uncertain times, even the most stoic of us have our moments of doubt and anxiety. It’s been 7 weeks of the official lockdown here in the UK. No wonder, we get stressed out and it only makes things worse. But how do we control our stress levels when the world seems to be devolving?

Nature is the healer

When we take a hike on a nature trail, go camping or simply take a barefoot walk along the beach, we are doing something called grounding. We’re using all our senses to experience a piece of nature. In other words, communing with Mother Nature can actually help us de-stress by getting us out of our daily box and helping to lower our escalating cortisol levels. My tip for you is: schedule some time out. If it’s really strick where you are, borrow a dog. Get creative to keep your sanity.

Grounding is the answer

According to Anchorage social worker and counsellor Deborah Gonzales, the solution to panic and anxiety is grounding through our senses. This consists of making use of the environment. She clarifies, “Find five things you can see, four things you can touch, three things you can hear, two things you can smell and one thing you can taste.”After going through this process, it has a similar effect as taking slow deep breaths or counting to 10 when feeling anxious. Grounding is not a new concept, but as our contemporary lives ricochet between overwork at “work” and being stretched too thin at home with multi-generational responsibilities, grounding is a necessity for Active Wellness.

But what if I physically cannot go out and don’t have a garden?

But what about those of us who are confined at home? There is nothing to perfectly replicate the feeling of the soil underneath our feet, but there is something that comes close in its effect. There is a pretty cool tool !it serves as an indoor and portable way to reconnect with Mother Nature. If you want to know what my husband and I have been using, feel free to reach out.

Modern technology to replicate the feeling of Mother Nature

Feeling grounded is the opposite of feeling stressed or anxious. Realizing that every living creature is bioelectrical in nature, The company we use the grounding tool from is of very high quality.  It is made with 20% silver, one of the best-known conductors of electricity. It is a lightweight, three-layered rectangular cloth that can be placed under your feet or wrapped around your shoulders to impart a feeling of balance and calm—it is a wonderful example of technology culled from our knowledge of Mother Nature.

What else can destress you?

Another known de-stressor is massage. Can’t leave the house to visit your favourite massage therapist? No problem. There is another pretty cool device I’d recommend. Ask me how you can learn more.

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No matter where you are, our Humans Being More Community is committed to supporting you through thick and thin. Inhale slowly, exhale slowly and shake off the stress. We go through this together.

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