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How to Stay Loyal to Your Dietary {wine free} Lifestyle Before & During Christmas

First Advent Sunday is behind us! And many partied ahead of us! BUT how do you join the festive party time without alcohol and still following your wine -free lifestyle plan? Tough you think? Well, let’s see! Of course, there will be all sorts of drinks on offer including red wine. You may know that a glass of vino Tinto is great for promoting longevity and that is mainly helping your heart health. BUT – you don’t drink red wine! Or your Christmas resolution is not to drink ANY alcohol this year! Or simply, you don’t drink at all! What’s next?

Grape without the alcohol has greater benefit

The good news is that you can still benefit from the many varieties of the grape without turning them into wine. The seed of the grape is often considered waste, but its extract holds a secret that is being examined and used to help in healthy living. Scientists are continuing to study the myriad benefits that grape seed extract can help provide. Grape seed extract contains healthy ingredients, including protein, lipids and polyphenols—these come in the form of bioflavonoids known for their potent antioxidant activities. Scientific studies show that the antioxidant power of polyphenols is 20 times more than vitamin E and 50 times greater than vitamin C.1

How to stop premature ageing?

One particular type of phenol found in grape seed is called procyanidin. Scientists believe procyanidins help protect the body from premature ageing by increasing vitamin C levels in the cells and helping the organs scavenge and get rid of toxins. 2 Procyanidins also bond with collagen to help cell health, promoting skin elasticity and protection from sun damage.3 (Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and a key component of skin, gums, bones, teeth, hair and tissues.)

Reduce inflammation, more flexible joints and better circulation

More than just helping skin stay young-looking, polyphenols in grape seed extract have shown the ability to help the body fight inflammation, which may improve joint flexibility and the health of the circulatory system.4

Better brain functions

In addition to procyanidins, grape seed extract also contains resveratrol, which scientists have found to have the ability to assist the brain in functioning efficiently. In rats, this has proven to have life-prolonging effects and testing is being conducted to see whether it has the same effect on humans.

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Ciaga V instead of red wine

Although grape seed extract is not an ingredient in commercial-grade grape juices, you can find it in Kenzen® Ciaga®V. In fact, grape seed extract is specifically added to the superfruit blend that makes up Ciagav to increase its antioxidant value, notably high at 1,500+ units per ounce. With Kenzen CiagaV, you get so much goodness in a single ounce and it’s delicious to boot! You can serve it in a wine glass to blend it the crown and avoid stupid comment from some people!






Cocktail ideas with Ciaga V

Here are some ideas what you can do to create rather creative cocktails using CiagaV. You choose f you fancy the alcoholic version or the non-alcoholic one. Doesn’t it look fabulous?







































The New Year’s Eve version – CiagaV Royale!







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