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Is Exercise as Good as Medications to Cut Blood Pressure?

Have you ever experienced high blood pressure?

An article in the Times  Exercise as good as medicine in bringing blood pressure down”  goes into details what you can do to control that.

The bottom line

  • Combine endurance exercise – i.e. walking, running, swimming with resistance exercise i.e. weight training.
  • Do what you can in a day.
  • Make it a habit. Even 10 minutes will compound over weeks, months and years!

The Million Dollar (Pound) Question

Small lifestyle changes make a huge difference. The real questions you can ask yourself is: ” What do you want your last 10 years look like?

Would you be quick enough to play with your grandchild? Or will you grow old with disease?

My personal tip

Did you know that sleep highly contributes to well functioning heart?  Lights out  is a great book explaining the link between sleep and modern lifestyle diseases.

Did you know that being well hydrated also contributes to well functioning heart and the whole body? Your body’s many cries for water is another very informative book I highly recommend to you.

Ask the expert

If you struggle with sleep or are not good drinking water, reach out to me. Book a 20 min long free consultation with me.

Homework for you

What exercise are you going to do today to help your heart function better? Please comment below!

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