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It’s All About Your Attitude

Yesterday I was waiting for a friend in the high street in Winchester. And there I had a moment to observe the life on the street on a drizzly morning

when I noticed a homeless man selling the Big issue magazine. But you know what? You couldn’t but to notice him.

This guy loves life! Loves People! Loves his job! Seriously!

He is chatting to absolutely anyone. He makes jokes of people, sometimes he’s funny, sometimes not and he knows that (he told me). You could even feel offended by him.


 A few business lessons that I could see immediately.

I couldn’t stop but watch him how he was reaching out to people and how people responded to him.

Some ignored him, some gave him an excuse why not to buy the magazine from him. But he was right on the ball, responding quickly.

Not pushy, not sleezy, very relaxed the way he was doing his job.

He didn’t take rejection personally at all. He was professional about it.

Sometimes us women have tendencies take things personally. I remember a friend of mine who had to go swimming for an hour to shake that feeling of rejection away….


But do you know what else?

These people who were not in a hurry and wrapped up in their worlds, these who were actually present, in the moment, left with a big smile on their faces.

It brightened their day! Made them laugh! What I mostly notice is people reading the pavements and hardly looking around. Maybe you have noticed that too…


Anyway, on a drizzly morning or a hot summer day that guy didn’t mind, what ever the weather he is there doing his job.

Not just selling the Big Issue and making money, (that’s actually is the byproduct), his joy is to interact with people.

When I asked him, how long he’s been doing it for, he replied: ”Many years, I just love talking to people!”


What a great attitude!


Translate that into a business again! Whether you want to start a business or you are already running one, a positive attitude is absolutely everything.

There are many circumstances most of which you will have absolutely no control over but there is one thing that you can 100% control and that is your Positive Attitude.

Like it or not, we are all in sales, whether it’s professionally, selling ideas or goods or being in a marriage or having kids…Some of you can remember

being in a situation where this skill was needed. So how we deal with situations and with people is a reflection of our {positive} attitude.


Another thing that crossed my mind: The Big Issue salesman is certainly the right person for this job. It almost made me think that his talent is wasted.

Have you ever felt you have talents that have not been exercised yet and you feel it’s time to do something about it? Reach out to me via the “Contact” tap at the top and let’s chat.

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