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We must stop pretending we’ll never get old

I loved the title in the Sunday Times newspapers last weekend: “We must stop pretending we’ll never get old”.

This article was a reason that prompted me to write a blog on this subject.

The other reason was a few days ago I saw the most uplifting video on Facebook where young students in Netherlands sharing home with elderly people living rent free.

It made a deep impression on me.


First of all: A genius idea from many different angles bringing generations back together.

The interaction between generations helps understand one another better and both gain so much from sharing life together.

Secondly, from a financial perspective: the students save money while doing so and don’t have to face a huge dept when they graduate.


I grew up in a small village with my parents and my brother and across the yard lived my grandmother and on the other side of the village lived my other grandmother.

It was brilliant for my parents especially during summer holidays (and in Czech they last whole two months). Their childcare was sorted.

But I also remember apart from the holidays that growing up next to my grandmother was a real treat.

I learnt about her work ethic, how she solved challenging situation. She also spoilt us grandkids of course and did the things with us my parents didn’t have the time for

– spending good quality time with us.

She was there to give advice and put things in perspective for me that I perhaps didn’t see at that time and it really helped shaping my growing up. Really valuable.


That’s why I think the video promoting sharing living with elderly whilst studying is an excellent idea.

Learning how to communicate and relate to people of different age is important.


As the article says: ”Connection and tiny freedoms matter more than five-star luxury”. Is the things we cannot buy that makes our heart jumping with joy.


The theme of the article I’d summarize with what the writer Atul Gawande said, “We deal with the final phase of human life cycle by trying not to think about it.”

But of course is happening.


Via: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/we-must-stop-pretending-well-never-get-old-xcdhsz2bt


To prepare how we are going to age starts pretty much at any age.

You might be shaking your head thinking, hmmm not sure what she means…

But think about it!


What we eat daily

how well we hydrate,

how much we exercise,

how much and well we sleep,

how we deal with stress

how we relax

what makes us joyful and happy

…I’m sure you can think of many other examples.

The compounding effect of daily habits will determine over time how well we age and how well we will (or not) enjoy the golden years of our lives.


The real key is to start collectively, and the earlier the better, implementing self care principles and live an active lifestyle.

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