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My Message & Wishes For You In 2022

I’ve been with Nikken for 11 years. I have seen how new entrepreneurs are born. When people strive under uncomfortable and challenging circumstances, their smiling faces when achieving their goals is such a warm, satisfying and of course, happy feeling inside. My mission this year is to continue to provide a space to encourage well-being and entrepreneurship.

About the brand

Nikken is a successful and recognized brand in the field of wellness, not by mere chance but because someone has shared with you either a product or the business and you have chosen Nikken to be part of your life or you just shared its benefits with other people. Those who have also chosen Nikken as their own business have set high goals. You do not give up in the face of adversity and have learned to rise to the challenges of being an entrepreneur, raising high the Nikken name. The truth is that I truly feel very fortunate to be part of this Global Wellness Community and, together with my colleagues from around the world, to be able to serve many.

Message from the President & CEO Luis Kasuga

“I know that we had to face greater challenges over the past two years; the world has changed rapidly and continues to do so. We adapt to circumstances and are committed to raising our standards in every region as a company. At Nikken, we are happy to take on the challenges we have and to improve wherever there is a need. The improvement and renewal process is ongoing because we have a dedicated and committed team of Nikken staff. We want Nikken to be a transformative experience because we know that each of you has a dream, a goal that you want to fulfill.”

We are an unstoppable community.

I’d like to reach to you and ask you if you know of anyone who has a burning desire to change their life and / or lives of others in one or more of the following areas – be it a personal – wanting better mental or physical health; or knows someone within the family unit that needs help; or knows someone in the neighbourhood or work place that has been praying for something new and meaningful in their life, or would like to financially support courses close to their heart? Please spare a moment and let us connect. What I have maybe for them, maybe not, but we wouldn’t know unless you connect us.

I appreciate you


wish you many blessings and joy. May you and your loved ones be blessed with family happiness and the most precious gifts of love, peace and health.

Happy and a prosperous 2022!


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