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How NOT to be the sick man of Europe – 4 tips how to reduce stress in economic turmoil


Have you come across the article in the Times recently stating :

Britain is sick man of Europe? I found it really insightful.

Yes, of course you’ve got to take each article in the papers with a pinch of salt but still.

I thought some ideas worth sharing and worth taking a look at.


So why Britain has been called the Sick man of Europe?

Let’s have a look what factors contribute to be healthy and enjoy life.


Does the lack of the outdoors makes us sick?


One possible reason for the difference in life expectancy is sunshine

and the ability to enjoy outdoor activities. Studies within the UK,

where northern regions are colder and western regions have more

rain and less sunshine, could be helpful in finding reasons for the differences

in life expectancy.  Richard Louv talks in his book Vitamin N,

The Essential guide to a nature-rich life that in simple terms,

lack of nature is causing us to be sick.

So, how often do you go out? Just asking…


Is the economic crisis cause of sickness?


There have been slowdowns in rising life expectancy in all countries

since the global financial crisis, but Sir Michael finds that this has

been “particularly marked and pronounced in the UK”, which has

slipped from mid-table in life expectancy growth to the bottom of

the pack. Female life expectancy at birth in Britain is 83, slightly

below the EU average, below almost all of western Europe and well

behind 86 in Spain and France. For men it is 79, slightly above average

but well behind seven countries where it is above 80.

How long do you want to live?

Is number or quality of life more important to you?


Cutting health budgets is not the reason why the Brits are so sick


Many countries that cut health spending far deeper, including Spain,

Portugal and Greece, are still doing better than Britain. Germany,

which has been relatively unscathed by the economic downturn,

is the only country where life expectancy has also stalled. “Greece

has always stood out as a country with remarkably long life expectancy

despite being relatively poor.

Is self care part of your routine?


Is being sick the new trend? 


Britain is becoming “the sick man of Europe” as life expectancy surges

in other countries, analysis shows.

One of the world’s leading experts has demanded government action

over “urgent and deepening problems with the nation’s health”, as he

reveals that the rest of Europe is living ever longer while progress in

Britain has stalled.

He found that the gap was getting wider, with growth in female life

expectancy at birth the worst in Europe and male growth the second

worst, according to the EU statistics body Eurostat.

Writing in The Times today, Sir Michael, director of the Institute of

Health Equity at University College London, warns: “Were this to keep up,

we would soon become the sick man and woman of Europe. This is a new

and worrying trend.”

Is good health actually important to you?


It’s very well to point out there is a problem. I’m sure you are aware of it.

It’s enough to open the newspapers!

I guess when you look at your day to day lifestyle, you know very well

the state of your wellbeing, or not?

If not why not to take a quiz that helps you to uncover the areas you

need to focus on.


Would moving to a different county help to turn the sick body into a healthy one?


Detailed comparison of regional and social disparities could help to pinpoint

causes, according to Sir Michael, who cites recent reports that say that the

health gap between rich and poor has begun widening again since 2012.

Young people in the north of England are now 50 per cent more likely

to die early than those in the south.

How about moving to more southern part of Europe?


Sir Michael, who has advised governments across Europe and Latin America

as well as the World Health Organisation, has written to Jeremy Hunt,

the health secretary, urging him to set up an inquiry into the slowdown.

He says that “austerity is an obvious candidate”.


Well, everybody knows that stress is the biggest killer, right?

But what can I do now to start making changes and take charge of my

life and health? You may be asking.


Let’s start small and take it easy, shall we?


You need Vitamin N – N for Nature!

Enhancing your bond with nature could generate substantial mind-body

benefits, as people have a natural link with the outdoors. Researches reveal

that decreased direct exposure to nature is connected to a greater danger

of weight problems, cancer cells, heart problems, anxiousness, anxiety

as well as clinical depression, which stressed out females typically soothe

by enjoying TELEVISION, consuming a glass of wine, as opposed to choosing

a stroll in the park.


    1. Take a walk through the park after a long day

    in the office. Or if you do that already, take

    a different route and stroll through the grass.

    My tip, take your shows off! Learn more why that is here.

    Benefit: It could

    enhance your focus and improve your attention span.


  1. Take your lunch outside. Some fresh air and sun(exposure to vitamin D!) could do marvels for yourstate of mind. Benefit: it can boost your mood.

    Always good thing, isn’t it?


  1. Expand the greenery around you.A pot of basil on the window seal or patio would do.Benefit: Fresh is good and it’s somewhat satisfying

    to see something grow, don’t you think?


  1. Regular dog sitting.Dog owners get more outdoorexercise compared to their puppy-free friends.

    Benefit: strolling with a pet is a wonderful way

    to meet new people, stretch your muscles,

    different distances to look at (good for the eyes).

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