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One-Day Detox Your Body Loves


Overdone the eating and drinking,

feeling tired and lacking energy during the day?

Reboot your body with –One-Day-Detox to give your digestive system a rest and opportunity to do some maintenance work from healing ulcers,

regenerating damaged tissues to simple resting the muscles that help churn the food.

OK, during holidays we all do it, we slip of the repletion horse – different sleep pattern, different food and drink, little or no exercise routine… You probably know what I’m talking about.

In January most of us feel guilty of that so we jump back into our routines with rigid exercise routines, diet plans etc.

Here is the tip:

Decide which day you can dedicate to you – your self love one day detox.

Prepare for the day the evening before

You can eat all week what you’d like, but no excessive portions,

But in the evening the day before have something light like a soup and salad.

Don’t be tempted to miss out

On the one day, be discipline and stick to the one-day detox regime.

On your Detox Day,

Try not do anything that is strenuous or stressful on this day. It will help the mind to relax too.

Most importantly, keep your water intake! 2-3 Litres of pure, clean water.

If you are not used to this, and you get uncontrollable feeling of hunger, have some fruit in the morning. Melons, grapes, bananas, apples or pears are excellent.

But avoid Citrus fruit!

Fresh vegetable juices are also good. Try carrot, celery, mint, beetroot or cucumber either on their own or in combinations.

Have 3 juices – morning, lunch and evening.

When you are just starting out,

be prepared that your body will ache- you might get headaches, bad mood, have slightly loose stool and extreme fatigue.

The reason for this is that your body is releasing toxins.

In the evening, give yourself some love, have a warm bath with an aromatherapy oils. I love lavender or Epsom salts. It helps relaxing the muscles and improves general circulation.

The next day, break your fast in the morning with a warm porridge or cottage cheese, followed by tea and honey.

To help your body function and serve you well as the years go by, you can plan one-day fast each week or bi-annual three-day fast.

Via:Dr. Ali’s Nutrition Bible by Dr Mosaraf Ali.


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