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Polluted air creates wrinkles

Do you clean your face every evening and again apply cream before you go out? And this, by the way, applied to men too.

Frankly, sometimes I don’t feel like doing it but I do it anyway. There is a reason for it. But there is much more to it.

Urban air pollution makes city-dwellers look older

than people living in the country side because it sharply accelerates skin-aging, scientists have found.

They found that the tiny particles an stoic gases emitted mainly by diesel vehicles attack the skin, causing he formation of pigment spots and wrinkles like these normally associated with old age.

Such pollutants

are already known to damage the lungs and heart, causing inflammation that raises the risk of asthma, heart attack and stroke, but the new research shows that they also damages people’s physical appearances.

“The blemishes are very visible. People expose do high urban air pollution have more pigment spots because the pollution makes their skin age faster than those living in the country, “ said jean Krutmann, professor of dermatology at the Leibniz research institute for environmental medicine.

Someone working in the middle of London,

or other UK cities with high pollution levels, will be at risk of all the same effects of air pollution, including skin-aging and pigmentation.”

Two of the key pollutants studied were nitrogen dioxide )NO2), a toxic gas, and particulates, tiny particles measuring just a few thousandths of a millimeter diameter. These pollutants are produced by all engines, but diesels emit the far the highest levels.

One key question is how such low levels of any pollutant could have such strong effects.

Krutmann’s team found that that particles also play a major role. These comprise a tiny piece of soot, covered in a layer of oily coat that lets particles break through the skin’s protective outer layer.

Once in the skin, the same toxic oils cause a proliferation in melanocytes – the skin’s pigment –producing cells – which release melanin into the skin. Wrinkles form as cells become less able to renew the proteins that support them. This is similar to the process seen in tanning, but happens in a patchier way, producing spots rather than even coloration.

Krutmann said: “This is a global problem affective every big city in the world.”

Via: http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/news/uk_news/cleanaircampaign/article1580262.ece

Don’t panic, there are things you CAN DO regularly to still have nice skin

  • Drink plenty of water (!) especially in front of the computer
  • Eat food rich in antioxidants
  • Superfoods – e.g. vitamin E, blueberries, tomatoes
  • Olive oil – a teaspoon daily
  • A banana mask – a teaspoon of orange juice and a teaspoon of plain yogurt, leave for 15-20 min
  • Minerals – Zinc, Selenium, Copper
  • Exfoliate
  • Massage
  • Good sleep
  • A good quality skin care products that help clean the skin first and then apply a cream that allows the skin to breath and doesn’t block the pores



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  • Christine

    February 21, 02 2016 08:53:39

    Thank you for sharing this and especially your tips at the end of the post! Would love to hear more examples of food that you would recommend eating and what products to use! I’ve lived in cities all my life and have to say that I don’t use many products at all… maybe I should start?

    • Lucie

      March 01, 03 2016 09:53:25

      Hi Christine, I’ve replied to your comment but noticed it didn’t get publish. So sorry about that. Thank you for your comment. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll make it a plan for the next week or so to continue this theme and give more tips. I’m happy to recommend a few things. Why don’t we connect via email and even speak over the phone? Talk soon!

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